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Misch_MISCH Studio
Bringing clients a fully tailored home that is distinctively them

Misch_MISCH is a multi-disciplinary London studio delivering detail-focused, luxury interior design, interior architecture, styling and artistic collaborations. The studio’s signature style is a distinctive juxtaposition of balance, contrast and cohesion.


The founder and Creative Director of the studio, Mischa Sedova, is an iconoclastic designer who challenges clients to push the boundaries of what they know when it comes to aesthetics. She established the company to connect people and their lifestyles to the spaces they occupy, creating a unique identity.


‘The pandemic has brought out a greater appreciation for well-crafted interiors that have the power to shape our sense of wellbeing,’ says Mischa. ‘And so, to be truly satisfied with your life, the home is the place in which to invest.’



‘We seamlessly combine warm minimalism with the new maximalism, contemporary with classic, masculine elegance with comfort, and the bold with the subtle’

‘At misch_MISCH we are a tight-knit team of designers, architects, artists and creatives with a wealth of experience in a range of disciplines,’ Mischa explains. It is the team’s creative diversity that equips the studio to take on comprehensive interior and architectural projects that go one step further. In offering ‘a fully tailored experience’, misch_MISCH creates one-off, custom made pieces for its clients, whether it be furniture with specialist finishes, upholstery, objets d’art or lighting, allowing each project to form its own unique narrative. In addition to its work in residential interiors, the studio looks to form collaborations with other designers and brands to create exclusive collections and even art installations. At the start of 2022, the studio is to launch its first furniture collection.


No matter the scale of the job the company embarks on – large-scale town house, country estate, city apartment or luxury villa – the key focus remains the same: to understand the client’s lifestyle as well as their objectives, while maximising the property’s full potential. This is achieved by looking at the client’s daily rituals and habits, the polished and the chaotic. ‘A home is a space like a theatre, projecting a life,’ Mischa states, ‘a place to indulge whims, to grow, to throw roaring parties and let loose – somewhere you are proud to show off and that creates joy.


’To bring clients a home that is distinctly them, the brand believes in mixing styles, eras and mediums. The artistry of each project is expressed through materials, textures, colours, forms and patterns that are naturally drawn from a client’s life, as well as the property’s architecture, its surroundings and history. In this way, the studio is free of a house style. No two projects are alike.


‘We seamlessly combine warm minimalism with the new maximalism, contemporary with classic, masculine elegance with comfort, and bold with subtle. From English classic to New York 1920’s Art Deco to mid–century modern.’ Luxury sits alongside ordinary, contemporary with vintage, creative and functional, old world elegance with the current. As you can imagine the results are richly layered, stimulating spaces that are functional and fluid with carefully curated detail reflecting the client. And above all, spaces that are comfortable and enrich the lives of those who live within. ‘The new maximalism,’ they say at misch_MISCH, ‘is to embrace the fullness of life and have fun. We are here to take the bold steps with you, when you are ready. This is your story.’

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