Hampton Court House

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Address: Hampton Court Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9BS
Website: hamptoncourthouse.co.uk
Founded: 2000
Number of Pupils: 288
Fees: (termly) £4,331 to £6,965
Ages: 3–18
Head Teacher: Adrian Rainbow
Religious Affiliation: Non-demonational
Entrance Procedure: Academically selective from Year 5. English and mathematics assessments, 1-to-1 interview. School reports and Heads references.
Contact: Head of Admissions; 020 8614 0857
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Group tours are held every Thursday morning. Open afternoons for each age group are held once a term.

The Curriculum

An academically challenging curriculum with a focus on languages – children in the prep school are taught bilingually in English and French. Small class sizes and subject specialists throughout the school.

Games & The Arts

Performing arts and fine arts are strong with chamber choir, regular concerts, and 1-to-1 music tuition. Nursery to Year 4 have RAD ballet lessons in the curriculum. Sport is taught throughout the school and all children from Year 7 row at the nearby Molesey boat club.

Pastoral Care

We believe in truth and empathy – and therefore in reacting appropriately to wrongdoing. Our approach to pastoral care and our behaviour policy reflect this aim as we always ‘seek first to understand’ and invest time in having conversations with students and families. This has proved successful as in many cases the potential for poor or escalating behaviour has been diminished by an early understanding of the root of an issue.

University Places

We prepare students for applications to Oxbridge as well as top national universities. In 2020, all of our students were accepted by their first-choice universities.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

Work hard and be kind. The most successful people are those prepared to use discretionary effort – do what you are asked to do and then do a little bit more. The pointy-elbowed, win-at-all-costs mentality has increasingly been found wanting. It is time for the compassionate to show that there is a better way.

Outstanding Characteristics

Success can be achieved through encouragement not pressure. We value scientific, artistic and sporting pursuits. We believe in truth and empathy – and therefore in reacting appropriately to wrongdoing. We take responsibility for our lives. This means accepting and learning from our mistakes (and not blaming others for them). We believe that by speaking a foreign language, we enrich our lives and deepen our understanding of other cultures.

We value differences. For this reason we actively seek a mix of staff and pupils which reflects a range of cultural, social and religious backgrounds. We promote an active engagement in media and current affairs, believing that it is a moral imperative to have an opinion on the events and decisions which shape our world. We believe in questioning our beliefs.