Archive By Sanderson Design

The rebellious disruptor boldly reimagining heritage designs for today

In 2021, Sanderson Design Group took the bold step of announcing the online launch of its new brand, Archive by Sanderson Design. It was a hero moment for Lisa Montague, Chief Executive Officer of Sanderson Design Group, who said, ‘We are thrilled to launch this heritage-powered and fashion-forward brand, the first direct-to-consumer brand in the e-commerce space. We’re doing this through our own website and also via an exciting, exclusive collaboration with Selfridges. We believe that Selfridges, as a leading international fashion retailer, is the ultimate retail partner for us, with a target audience that represents new customers for the Group.’

Sanderson Design Group also forged an exclusive retail partnership with Selfridges itself, launching the range at Selfridges’ flagship store on London’s Oxford Street and on Selfridges’ website.

As the ultimate disruptor, Archive by Sanderson Design breaks all the rules. The heritage designs have been reimagined in bold, energised colours to create flamboyant, lively interiors.

Archive is the intrepid rebel in the Sanderson Design Group. It’s the result of having delved deep into Sanderson’s rich archive to unleash 160 years of daring design. These were then used to create an emporium of pattern and colour that transcends style and genre. Archive isn’t for the faint hearted or for anyone who chases the latest trend. Instead, it is guaranteed to charm design explorers, collectors and curators, and all those who are proud to champion British eccentricity and bold, idiosyncratic design.

For Archive’s first launch, the design team had the glorious task of cherry-picking some of the archive’s most iconic and memorable prints, from the Arts and Crafts era to the swinging Sixties. From there, the team put together an eclectic mix of prints, giving them new life with vibrant colourways. ‘One thing we are most proud of is creating a platform for these designs to shine,’ says Lisa. ‘They have been hidden away in our archive for years and now is their moment to be rediscovered and shown in all their beauty to the world, telling as yet untold stories of the past and making them relevant to today’s home.’

As the ultimate disruptor, Archive by Sanderson Design breaks all the rules. The company’s heritage designs have been reimagined in bold, energising colours to create flamboyant, lively interiors.

Embracing the pattern clash is all about channelling a unique sense of style, as well as pushing boundaries, and Archive’s ethos is rooted in there being no rules – it’s down to individual taste and what designs feel right in someone’s own personal space. Archive believes in empowering its customers to express themselves via their interiors, and to use their space as a means of truly expressing their flamboyance and individual sense of style.

Archive’s sustainability promise stems from a belief that quality design transcends time, so special pieces are to be loved, enjoyed, re-imagined and passed on. Sanderson Group’s ‘Live Beautiful’ strategy means preserving heritage and craftsmanship for future generations, while demonstrating respect, care and compassion for our fragile planet and every individual on it. It has also committed to become net carbon zero by 2030, and to be the employer of choice in the design industry.