Abigail Butcher

Sustainability, countryside and travel

Abi lives life in balance in deepest rural Hampshire where she has built a sustainable cottage, rides horses, walks dogs and watches the sunset. In the winter, she’s often found climbing mountains before skiing down them (no lifts, thanks).

Belinda Bamber

Books, culture and interviews

For C&TH Belinda brings her love of literature to our vibrant book pages, telling us the authors to follow and the novels to dive into. She loves creek swimming and reading/hiding on her tiny boat.

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Caiti Grove

Art and travel

Caiti lives a life of balance by keeping a bell tent in the loft and an eye on new hotel openings. She likes to follow stints of writing with activity; an interview with a revered artist followed by a brisk swim in a reservoir or penning a travel feature before hiking up Scafell Pike.

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Caroline Phillips

Lifestyle, features and interviews

Caroline is a generalist in a specialised world —and covers everything from celebrity interviews to spas, travel to beauty, food to shopping and arts to interiors. She has never found any difficulty in balancing work with play.

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Emma Love

Travel, design, interiors and lifestyle

Balance for Emma means leaving her laptop for walks with my dog, and taking time out from work to do the things she loves – whether that's catch-up dinners with friends, evenings at the cinema or gym classes.

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Felix Milns

Ski Editor

Editing our annual On Piste special each year, Felix is a skiing nut and has skied some of the world’s most impressive slopes. He also writes about design and travel and loves escaping London for the mountains.

James Wallace


James runs organisations that help people to solve the climate and nature crises. He lives a life in balance by working purposefully and playing wildly. Currently, he heads up River Action, UK-based environmental charity committed to addressing the severe problem of river pollution.

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Kamin Mohammadi

Travel, culture and lifestyle

Travel, culture and lifestyle with a particular interest in Italy and its traditional arts, crafts and food. Kamin keeps on living the Bella Figura philosophy that she wrote about in her last book, and that helps keep her balanced amid the chaos of modern life.

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Lucy Johnson

Green agony aunt

Lucy Johnson is the founder and CEO of Green Salon, the UK’s first sustainable lifestyle consultancy. She works closely with consumers and brands, supporting both in the transition to greener ways of living and consuming. A a former environmental journalist, Lucy has an MA in psychotherapy and has built Green Salon as a platform for analysing sustainable brands.

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Michael Hayman


Entrepreneur and author Michael is chair and co-founder at the campaigns firm Seven Hills, among other positions. He is an honorary professor in practice at the University of London, co-authored Mission for Penguin and presents the podcast Change Makers. He was awarded an MBE for services to enterprise and is a Deputy Lieutenant for Surrey.

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Rachell Smith


Rachell photographs talent for the covers with her take on modern beauty, portraiture and fashion, celebrating all people through her work.

Rosalyn Wikeley

Travel and fashion

Writing for all major media, Roz specialises in all things Sicily, Paris and preloved style and lives between London and West Dorset.

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Tiffanie Darke


Tiffanie is the former editor at Sunday Times Style magazine and a successful author. With her twin passions of luxury and sustainability, she believes the future rests in responsibility to our community and environment.

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Annabel Jones

Beauty and aesthetics

Annabel is an experienced beauty editor writing on a wide range of subjects from gut health to hair loss. She edits our annual aesthetic guide.

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Bettina Campolucci Bordi


Bettina Campolucci Bordi, an acclaimed plant-based chef and bestselling author, is a fervent advocate for plant foods. Her work also spans food and mindfulness retreats, plant-based cooking workshops, pop ups, food writing, and her widely popular Retreat Chef Academy. A consistent thread in all her work is her unwavering belief in eating seasonally, locally, and waste-free.

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Camilla Hewitt


Wellness writer Camilla is the author of our Body & Soul page. Interviewing health professionals and holistic therapists, she shares practical advice on staying well. Camilla also combines her love of travel with writing, going in search of ancient wellbeing philosophies and undiscovered wild swimming spots. Nature is her tonic for balancing two busy careers as a makeup artist and writer.

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Daisy Finer

Spa Editor

With a special interest in Eastern holistic healing and a particular love of India, Daisy has been writing about wellness for decades. She lives a life in balance by listening to both head and heart and not being afraid to ask for help.

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Felicity Carter

Travel, culture and lifestyle

She lives a life in balance by splitting her time between the calming Norfolk countryside and the exciting bustle of London.

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Harriet Compston

Travel and features

She is just as at home interviewing A-listers or writing a true crime biography as she is dinosaur fossil hunting in Mongolia. She lives a life in balance by being rooted in family, doing pottery and hunting for the best buys in London's charity shops.

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Jessica Harris

Wellness, beauty and travel

Jess is also a fashion and beauty content creator and divides her time between the bustling city of London and her home in the Suffolk countryside.

Lauren Ho

Contributing Travel Editor

Lauren specialises in hotels, design and architecture. She loves chasing summer and making sure she gets a run in at each destination she visits as it's always the best way to see the sights.

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Luke Abrahams

Travel, wellness and lifestyle

Luke writes about everything from luxury sustainable travel to the latest food, hotel, city and lifestyle trends., his work appearing in all major titles. His favourite country is Italy, and it always will be.

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Olivia Falcon

Beauty and wellness

Olivia lives in the country and is cultivating a greenhouse, as well as running Spectacle Skincare, a sustainable beauty brand.

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Richard Hopton


Hstorian, novelist and journalist, Richard’s latest book The Straits of Treachery, is a historical novel set in Sicily in 1810. He finds balance by trying to respect nature and reduce his impact on the planet.

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Simon de Burton

Cars, watches, boats and motorcycles

Simon lives on Dartmoor, where he lives a life in balance by being 50 years behind the times and therefore immune to modern-day anxieties.

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Tom Gilbey


Tom is an award winning wine expert and showman with an unrivalled history in wine. His experience and his exceptional blend of passion, humour and knowledge make him a much sought after host in the wine events world.

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