Champagne: Guides & Recipes

‘Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!’, said French monk Dom Perignon after discovering champagne at the abbey of Hautvilliers in 1697. He’s often believed to be the inventor of our favourite celebratory drink – though some historians argue Italians played a part in its development, and others point towards Christopher Merret, who documented how to put the fizz in wine in 1662. Whoever discovered it, our love for champagne is going nowhere. Ensure you’re drinking the best bottles with our guide to the top 10 brands in the world – and before popping your next bottle, check out our top tips and facts about champagne, from how to store it to different shapes of glass. Celebrating something special? Try making one of our favourite champagne-infused cocktails, or leave it to the professionals and head to one of London’s glitziest bars. Elsewhere, we look at how champagne brands are assessing sustainability, from Ruinart to Telmont and Louis Roederer.