Artisan Du Chocolat

Redefining the taste of adventure in chocolate making

Ever since Gordon Ramsay first discovered Artisan du Chocolat on a stall in Borough Market, and famously ordered its now signature No1 Salted Caramels for Claridge’s, Artisan has been a firm favourite among leading British chefs. Today, it continues to feature at some of the UK’s best tables. Key to its success is an intriguing combination of British flavours and sophisticated European techniques and skills, in particular its ganaches, truffles and pralines.

Anne Weyns founded Artisan du Chocolat in 1999 to craft chocolates entirely for pleasure. Still created with passion and manufactured entirely from an atelier in Kent, Artisan products have redefined modern luxury British chocolate.

In late 2020 Artisan du Chocolat was acquired by Mohamed Elsarky, the former Global CEO of Godiva chocolatier and now Chairman and CEO of Artisan. The brand is undergoing a renaissance, with new product ranges, creative collaborations and vibrant new packaging, to be unveiled in 2022.

Still created with passion and manufactured entirely from an atelier in Kent, Artisan products have redefined modern luxury British chocolate.

Artisan’s creative and varied range is made in small batches with a hands-on, artisanal approach to the manufacturing process. This ensures the production of exceptionally high quality, beautifully crafted pieces with sensational flavours, many of which are hand finished and hand-decorated.

Artisan du Chocolat passionately believes that the cocoa bean’s quality and provenance are paramount to the quality of the product. This belief has taken the brand deep into Amazonia to discover authentic cacao Fino de Aroma cocoa beans. These rich beans are cultivated from Criollo and Trinitario trees, from regions that produce only 12 per cent of the world’s cocoa supply. Here, Artisan has partnered with Casa Luker, a supplier who respects and cares for cocoa farmers. The growers and their families benefit from Artisan’s support, which strengthens their productivity and enhances the wealth, education and wellbeing of their communities.

Artisan also produces a 78.5 per cent dark chocolate from the El Rosario estate in Necocli, Colombia. Once a rundown and barren cattle farm, this 550-hectare estate was re-planted with 600,000 cacao trees. This dense, regenerated cacao forest is bringing hope to the local community with new jobs. It’s also now home to 139 (and counting) species of exotic birds. The chocolate is packed in recyclable, plastic-free board packaging.

Some of Artisan’s irresistible chocolates are crafted using cocoa liquor. This is a little-known off-shoot of the cocoa bean and Artisan sources it from Colombia and other parts of Latin America. The liquor allows cocoa artisans to be more creative, opening a new world of chocolate possibilities.

In September 2021, Artisan du Chocolat proudly launched its Whole Fruit Dark Bar. This was the first chocolate bar in the UK to incorporate the cocoa fruit. Normally, 70 per cent of the fruit is wasted, but this bar is made by upcycling the entire cacao plant, including its fresh, fruity pulp. High in fibre and vegan friendly, the Whole Fruit bar contains no refined sugars, lecithin or added flavourings. Reflecting its commitment to sustainably and ethically produced products, the bar also improves cocoa farmers’ quality of life by providing an additional stream of income.