Celebrating 20 years of sustainability

A commitment to reducing its impact on the environment has always lain at Bamford’s heart. Its clothing uses the finest natural fibres and its skin and body care products employ natural active botanicals. Likewise, its wellness centre uses renewable energy and a biomass boiler to heat the building. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Bamford Home-grown Merino knitwear collection, launched in November 2021, is a first-of-its-kind capsule range. Featuring a hoodie sweater, ribbed beanie and matching scarf, it is the first collection to be made from British Merino wool that is grown, sheared, spun, and knitted entirely in the UK. The trio of styles also signifies a milestone in the brand’s history as the first garments to use natural fibres sourced from its sister company’s farm, Daylesford Organic, in Gloucestershire. The project is pioneered by founder of Bamford and Daylesford, Carole Bamford, globally recognised as a visionary in organic farming and sustainable living.

Bamford sees this sense of responsibility for safeguarding our environment and planet as the future of luxury.

Bamford is the first brand to manufacture a knitted Merino collection with a supply chain that is entirely UK-based. While the average journey for a Merino sweater is 18,000 miles, Bamford’s Home-grown Merino wool travels no further than 639 miles from farm to shop, without taking to seas or skies. The brand has a fully traceable view of every kilo of carbon emitted from the product, right back to when the sheep were acquired at Daylesford farm.

Though the entire supply chain has been localised, the luxury quality that is the signature of Bamford knitwear has in no way been compromised. The brand works with small family-owned businesses in England and Scotland, ensuring the highest quality knitwear while preserving British artisan craftsmanship. Its design team regularly visits these suppliers by train to see first-hand the positive impact of this local industry, rooted in its communities.

The brand’s discerning customers can be reassured that their garment has been created with the utmost care and consideration. Bamford sees this sense of responsibility for safeguarding our environment and planet as the future of luxury. As Carole Bamford says, ‘Everything we do at Bamford is born out of my belief that we need to live more consciously: to slow our pace, be mindful of our footprint and take care of the earth that provides for us. In doing so we nourish and nurture our well-being too.’ This ethos is a way of life for the brand.

Bamford’s Home-grown Merino campaign video was presented at COP26 and spotlighted as part of the Regenerative Agriculture Practice, at an event co-hosted by the British Fashion Council and The Cabinet Office. Bamford hopes that by amplifying the story of the Home-grown Merino collection, customers will be inspired by its ethos and see it as an example of innovating through better design, rather than just new design. Bamford takes its design platform very seriously and continues to work closely with its collaborators to champion the benefits of British wool as a sustainable fibre option.

Bamford’s hope is to inspire present and future generations of garment-makers and clothes-wearers alike to shop consciously and tread lightly. It will unveil the next iteration of the Home-grown Merino collection later this year.