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Beauty & Wellbeing


The home of molecular wellness, regeneration and beauty

Everyone wants to live a long, active and fulfilled life, but how best to optimise your chances of achieving this? London’s BelleCell Clinic provides a space in which breakthrough scientific analysis techniques are harnessed to provide clients with a deeper understanding of how their bodies work at
 a molecular level. Using this information, hyper-personalised treatment programmes are designed to boost the body’s natural regeneration process and tackle cellular ageing. The clinic also addresses beauty, aesthetic and nutritional concerns.


Situated in a quiet and unassuming courtyard behind the Ritz Hotel in Mayfair, BelleCell was founded by bioscientist turned entrepreneur Kasia Zajkowska, whose in-depth knowledge of molecular technologies and cellular ageing enabled her to bring proven scientific advancements and treatments to the consumer market.

At the heart of the process is a recognition that one size does not fit all


Visitors will discover an accessible, contemporary and surprisingly sociable space, enlivened by dynamic wall projections. The clinic incorporates face, body and detox chambers, a sports performance lab, a fusion lounge where a variety of therapies can be carried out simultaneously, and an oxy lounge offering a full range of oxygen therapies, including altitude training. Popular treatments, some of which are distinctive to the clinic, include electrical muscle stimulation training and IV light therapy, which can be combined with IV nutritional therapy. There is also a zero gravity massage chair, red light therapy and energised air inhalation. ‘Regenerative treatments and therapies can now be enjoyed daily as a social experience, not just
in a clinical or retreat environment,’ explains Kasia.


Britain is considered to be at the forefront of technological, scientific and medical innovation
in this field, and producing science-based solutions is the driving force for BelleCell’s activities. Cutting-edge metabolic and molecular (including genetic) testing, using the most effective technology,
 forms the basis for all bespoke treatments and programmes. Analysis is then carried out by a clinical team of doctors, nutritionists, therapists and performance experts working closely together to provide a comprehensive insight into clients’ wellbeing on a cellular level. At the heart of the process is a recognition that one size does not fit
 all – each programme is designed to be as unique to the individual as his or her genetic make-up is.

As well as offering wellness and rejuvenation solutions, high on BelleCell’s
 agenda for 2020 is educating on the importance of a proactive approach to health optimisation and longevity. The clinic is committed to putting prevention and health awareness
 at the forefront of people’s minds and has started to see a positive shift in the conversation surrounding how health and wellness programmes relate to increased productivity and performance. It is taking steps to become a thought-leader in the global health community, providing credible, easy to understand, science-driven solutions.

In collaboration with other Great British brands, BelleCell
 is also developing innovative new experiences and retreats. The clinic will continue to hold its popular open social evenings, where anyone can drop in to experience treatments, learn about health optimisation and mingle with like-minded individuals.