Bolin Webb

Bringing design excellence to performance shaving

Through a decade of design excellence, Bolin Webb has inspired the grooming world by bringing new shapes and colours to everyday shaving, turning a repetitive bathroom routine into a pleasure for men through a selection of well-formed and eye-catching tools.

Featuring performance razors and accessories, the products take inspiration from both classic and modern supercars. The innovative designs were conceived by founder Derrick Webb: ‘My ambition was to develop a shaving razor that was comfortable to use and appealing to the eye. I envisioned a handle that was curved, balanced and colourful. Our first razor, the R1, was the result, something that you would like to see on your bathroom shelf as well as use.’

Bolin Webb first launched its razors in London in 2011. The young brand brought to the world a unique selection of grooming tools fitted with Gillette blades that were design-led for handling and performance, capturing the same bold colours and evocative emotion found in automotive design. It has since extended its range through a collection of razors and accessories for shaving.

‘My ambition was to develop a shaving razor that was comfortable to use and appealing to the eye’

Design excellence is a bold ambition. Studying the detail of how someone shaves, or how an accessory is to be used, brings innovation and performance together. Robust product development must choose the right materials, and work closely with manufacturing to test feasibility before bringing an idea successfully to market. This takes time and team work.

As a British brand, the drive was always to leverage the best of British product design and manufacturing. Production continues in Birmingham, Britain’s centre of automotive competence and capability. Razor-filled paint racks can be seen at Bolin Webb’s production partners, in between Rolls-Royce trim and McLaren brake callipers. Quality and finish are paramount.

Since its launch, Bolin Webb has embarked on a global journey, working with retailers from San Francisco to Shanghai, selling in some of the best stores in the world. China is now the brand’s biggest market. Along the way, the brand has collected several design and brand awards, taking accolades from the prestigious Red Dot award in Germany to GQ Best Razor, to name but two.

To mark its ten-year anniversary in 2021, Bolin Webb launched the limited edition R1 British Racing Green Razor set – which celebrates Britain’s automotive heritage and ties in with the brand’s design inspiration. The same year also saw the launch of its first collaboration razor, the R1 Mr Slowboy. Perhaps the most striking model yet, the classic R1 top panel on the shaving handle was used as a canvas for ‘The Man from Mayfair’ – a character illustration by the London-based Chinese artist.

The last two years have given many a new perspective on their daily shaving routine. Despite changes to work and social patterns, men can still experience the pleasure of a clean shave or a neatly-trimmed beard. Bolin Webb has always been drawn to the saying, ‘Enjoy the shave, feel the difference’. In 2022 and beyond, it expects to encourage more men to enjoy their shave, feel the difference of a Bolin Webb razor and continue to bring design excellence into a morning routine.