Clive Christian Furniture Co.

Brilliantly British design to last a lifetime

A move away from the ‘off the shelf’ kind of company, Clive Christian Furniture Co. focuses on ‘delivering exceptionally inspired opulence to the world’s most outstanding homes.’ Renowned for its statement kitchens and interiors, the company brings together the finest materials, traditional craftsmanship and an entirely bespoke approach to creating exceptional places in which to live – be it with understated elegance or a dash of eccentricity.

For the last 40 years, they have been creating some of the world’s finest spaces, combining creativity, innovation and the very best of British artisan skill. Provenance, craftsmanship and the use of authentic materials play a big part in its ethos. Indeed, the brand uses traceable materials with a documented source of origin and, most importantly, designs products that stand the test of time.

Recently, Clive Christian Furniture Co. has been taken to new heights. In January 2021, Oli Deadman took over the reins as head of design, shortly after new owner David Dare came on board. The result is the launch of their first outdoor offering, the Garden Kitchen. Created at the request of an existing client passionate about yachting, the design cues, engineering and details of this statement outdoor kitchen are all inspired by superyachts. And it fits in seamlessly with how entertaining has changed significantly over the last 18 months with al-fresco dining being increasingly popular.

Not stopping there, 2021 provided a sneak peak at the New Classical Collection, launching this spring. Although a change in tempo for the brand, Oli says, ‘It was essential that we remain true to the material heritage and craft nature of Clive Christian Furniture Co. while devising a contemporary lifestyle kitchen.’ Using specialist, sustainably sourced finishes, a newly-engineered interior and art-like design flourishes, the final product is a simplified design, yet one richer in character, detail and materiality.

The company is extremely proud of the longevity of its creations, which are inherently sustainable in nature and built to stand the test of time

At the same time, Clive Christian Furniture Co. has been one of the first premium brands to focus on ‘conscious luxury’, establishing partnerships with Renovation Angel in the US and The Used Kitchen Exchange (UKE) in the UK. This partnership with UKE allows and encourages clients not simply to rip out and replace the old with the new, but to sell the existing kitchen on and either donate or use the sale value against the cost of the new kitchen. On average, for each kitchen sold, its re-use saves six tons of carbon, equating to around one year of being carbon neutral for a family of four.

Closer to home, Clive Christian Furniture Co. has always looked to the immediate area when it comes to supporting local business and hiring locally too. In 2021, they launched their new Apprentice Academy, which saw them hire four local students. Currently employing over 60 people from the community, the new recruits joined the growing team, developing skills in veneering, marquetry, leatherwork, cabinetry and woodworking.

So, as Clive Christian Furniture Co. enters its new dawn, it’s clear to see that it remains unwavering in its signature materiality, craftsmanship and unparalleled design prowess.