Club Chelsea
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Club Chelsea

West London’s football club

Think of Chelsea and think of Sloane Square, the King’s Road, and Stamford Bridge, happening pubs, trendy shops and Saturday afternoons at the football. Stamford Bridge is a Mecca; a place of pilgrimage for the tens of thousands of devoted Chelsea fans who come, week in week out, to watch their sporting titans perform on the hallowed turf within a stone’s throw of Fulham Broadway.


Chelsea is proud of the fact that it has a strong British core running through the club from top to bottom. The manager is the young, dynamic Frank Lampard, a Chelsea man through and through. He played almost his entire career at the club, winning every domestic competition and remains the club’s leading goal scorer to this day. The club champions young British talent with the heart of the team made up of Chelsea academy graduates, who in few years time will form the spine of the England football squad.


While Chelsea Football Club and Stamford Bridge occupy a totemic place in the cultural identity of London, its position is not unchallenged. It faces competition from other sporting events: in 2019 the sporting public’s attention was diverted by the cricket and rugby World Cups, competitions in which the England side both reached the final.


In 2020 the European Championships will be taking place in England. Domestically, too, there are many London football clubs with devoted followings; the recent opening of Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium was a reminder of the ever-present competition for the match day offering. Anti-bribery legislation and associated compliance restrictions make the hospitality and entertainment market more competitive with a smaller pool to draw from in the corporate sphere.

The club champions young British talent with the heart of the team made up of Chelsea academy graduates

Club Chelsea

The club works hard to ensure that it continues to enhance standards in guest experience, encompassing new technology and always keeping its brand premium from enquiry stage through to delivery. This is accomplished through product investment, a rolling programme of refurbishment and continual innovation in new hospitality experiences. Feedback and consultation through forums and questionnaires with the club’s fanbase continues to ensure that it delivers what its fans expect of it.


Chelsea FC champions equality and diversity. Following the repositioning of its brand values, it has a defined tone, direction and ethos at every level of the club, which prioritises teamwork, integrity and pride in all it does with a drive to succeed. The club is acutely conscious of the importance of its fanbase. It has long operated quarterly Fans’ Forums with season ticket holders and hospitality members, supported by an annual independent fan satisfaction survey. The club is passionate about treating its fans and members as individuals, listening to their feedback and acting upon it.


The rebranding has been carried out collaboratively, following communication with the fanbase to ensure that it is at the heart of everything the club does. The club puts on regular fan engagement events, offering the opportunity for fans to get closer to the players and the club’s ambassadors.


Chelsea FC is the pride of London.