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Cookson Adventures

Extraordinary experiences limited only by the bounds of imagination

Henry Cookson was inspired by the British explorers who had come before him. As an ex-investment banker with little experience of Antarctica, he was an unlikely member of the first expedition to reach the southern pole of inaccessibility and the most remote point on earth – by foot. The journey’s success fuelled Henry’s desire to explore and so he founded Cookson Adventures with the vision of injecting travel with a sense of adventure.


Ten years later, Henry’s growing team of travel consultants shares his natural tenacity and curiosity. Above and beneath the waves, Cookson specialists know this planet’s furthest reaches better than most, allowing them to open closed doors and deliver world-first experiences to their guests.


They know that being a true adventurer means exploring destinations beyond the ordinary. From the rarest to the most remote, they search the planet for the next big discovery, while not forgetting that there’s some serious fun to be had. Delivering a small number of exclusive adventures each year means that each one is meticulously crafted and no two are ever the same.

The voyages have led to scientists documenting a rare, unknown type of killer whale off the coast of Cape Horn

Cookson Adventures

The company’s discerning clientele require not just exceptional quality but a completely personalised itinerary every time, reflecting their interests, ambitions and curiosities. Whether it’s an around the world educational journey for a family or a conservation project deep within the Colombian jungle, Cookson refines every detail to match the character of its client. Their offering has also inspired other luxury brands from across the globe, who have put Cookson’s exclusive travel experiences in front of their own clientele.


Naturally, Cookson’s knowledge spans all corners of the globe. An extraordinary network of scientists, archaeologists, marine biologists, conservationists, award-winning photographers and many more, contribute to the company’s innovative approach to developing fresh ideas.


Cookson has also mastered the art of using yachts as launch pads for adventure. A growing demand for Cookson’s yacht-based expeditions resulted in the company hiring leading experts in the yachting industry, including an ex-yacht consultant from Monaco and a submersible pilot. The voyages have already led to scientists documenting a rare, unknown type of killer whale off the coast of Cape Horn and a Roman shipwreck in southern Italy.

Conservation is a significant thread woven into the company fabric. Cookson works to protect the pristine nature of the untouched places it visits and often arranges for clients to contribute personally to curated local charities as part of their trip. As a result, clients have helped complete important work tagging sharks deep in the Pacific and contributed to a crucial rehabilitation project for rhinos in Kenya.

In its constant bid to push the boundaries of adventure, Cookson also engages with local authorities to gain access to some of the least visited locations on earth. A past expedition in the Galápagos required multiple meetings with national park officials so that 250 juvenile giant tortoises could be flown via helicopter to a volcano usually closed to the public. This meant the species was reintroduced to a region it had been absent from for over 200 years.


Cookson Adventures