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Dr Rita Rakus

Award-winning cosmetic doctor and the London Lip Queen

In the world of cosmetic medicine, Dr Rita Rakus’ award-winning clinic in London’s Knightsbridge has become almost as well-known a British institution as its next door neighbour, Harrods.


Indeed, like Harrods, Dr Rakus does not just serve the needs of Londoners, but also attracts an international clientele looking to enhance, contour and rejuvenate themselves. And it’s no wonder. Since its launch 25 years ago, her London clinic has taken centre stage in the global aesthetics market and established Dr Rakus herself as the go-to cosmetic doctor for stars of stage and screen, business people, models, presenters and even the odd mountain climber.


With a team of expert cosmetic doctors and equipped with the latest technology, often initially made available exclusively to Dr Rakus, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of non- invasive cosmetic treatments, most designed to achieve results over a longer period of time rather than a quick – and all too obvious – fix. There are the established anti-ageing favourites and her particular forte, lip enhancement, which has earned her the moniker of ‘London Lip Queen’. Her extensive range of non-invasive machine treatment for the face and body now includes the new EmSculpt.

As non-invasive cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity and are an increasingly accepted way to help us look our best, Dr Rita Rakus will continue to set the standard

dr rita rakus

EmSculpt, and its sister treatment, EmSella, for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, are set to revolutionise the world of body contouring and there is no one better to help patients transform themselves than Dr Rakus, who is the official global ambassador for this treatment.


There’s no doubt that Dr Rakus is a true pioneer as well as a respected leader in cosmetic medicine. She is a founder member and Fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and in addition to her own clinical work is involved in training, lecturing and setting standards for practising doctors within this field. Her name has also been inscribed on the Royal Society of Medicine’s Wall of Honour in recognition of her work.


Naturally she and her clinic have won many accolades, including a Fashion 4 Development award, presented at the First Ladies luncheon during last year’s United Nations General Assembly in New York. Her Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection SPF 50 won the ‘Editor’s Choice’ category in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019.

Unsurprisingly, Dr Rakus has become a media darling and features regularly on television, in the national press and in lifestyle magazines. The power of her brand has also been rolled out to adorn her own range of specially formulated skincare products, from serums and cleansers to her celeb favourite, the Protect SPF Moisturiser and Lip Plumper. Plans for 2020 include greater involvement in the world of anti-ageing, working with the National University of Singapore and The Buck Institute on stem cell treatments.

As non-invasive cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity and are an increasingly accepted way to help us look and feel our best, Dr Rita Rakus will continue to set the standard. Her brand is now as integral to the lifestyle of image-conscious consumers as their designer perfume, luxury jewellery and couture clothing.

dr rita rakus