E.J. Churchill

Balancing innovation and tradition in country pursuits

The short window of downtime at the beginning of the 2021 proved invaluable in preparing the shooting grounds for the busy year ahead. E.J. Churchill invested heavily in transforming both of its world-class shooting grounds, introducing sheltered stands, brand new walkways, and the latest technology in clay shooting.

Shooting is the main activity at these stunning Buckinghamshire grounds, but it never forgets that a visit doesn’t end when the last clay is hit and the final cartridge ejected. The indoor and outdoor dining areas have been significantly upgraded to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where guests can relax and enjoy a delicious meal whether they have been shooting or not.

After being postponed last year, E.J. Churchill played host to its fourth World Championships. With thousands of competitors travelling in from all over the world, the CPSA World Championships were a huge success. E.J. Churchill was immensely proud that its very own brand ambassador and coach, Mark Winser, became the World Champion.

‘A day’s shooting provides a vital role in creating jobs and income in even the most remote areas of Britain. It also plays a fundamental part in the conservation and management of our countryside’

The brand has also hosted a number of successful charity events with Red Bull, Grocery Aid, and Moto, helping to raise nearly one million pounds for worthy causes. Later this year in May, they will host the shooting competitions of the Gratitude Games, set up to help raise awareness and raise vital funds to support the mental health of our emergency services and NHS in the wake of the pandemic.

It’s not just the Buckinghamshire ground that has been full steam ahead. The new North Yorkshire shooting ground, located on the Swinton Estate, achieved premier status within its first year, hosting the prestigious British Open, an event held in high regard within the shooting world.

Shooting is part of the fabric of Britain’s rural life from north to south, deeply embedded in its history and traditions. ‘The positive impact that shooting has on rural economies is invaluable and hidden to many,’ says Rob Fenwick, E.J. Churchill’s managing director. ‘From gamekeepers to farmers, local B&Bs, pubs, schools, and other local people who all get involved on a day’s shooting, it provides a vital role in creating essential jobs and income in even the most remote areas of Britain. Not only that but it plays a fundamental part in the conservation and management of our wildlife and countryside, woodland and moorlands.’

This year has also seen the first anniversary of E.J. Churchill’s flagship gun, the E.J. Churchill Hercules – which was showcased at the Tower of London, ADIHEX Abu Dhabi and at countless other shooting shows around the UK.

As the company grows, it is always looking at ways to reduce the impact of shooting on the environment. This year, fully biodegradable clays made from pine resin have been introduced. Additionally, all plastic wads and cartridges are recycled. These are fundamental improvements in the protection of the grounds and wider countryside. The introduction of fully electric buggies and electric car charging stations is further impacting on the reduction of their carbon footprint.

The shooting industry is evolving with the times and E.J. Churchill is leading the way with some exciting and innovative plans for the next year and beyond. These are really going to shake up the shooting world and the lifestyle which accompanies it, so watch this space…