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Thirty years of innovation powered by the fusion of nature and science

ELEMIS will enter the new decade celebrating its 30th anniversary as a founder-led premium skincare company with a global read and a proud record of innovation. It is not afraid to call itself ‘Britain’s number one luxury skincare brand’.


From day one ELEMIS set out to create groundbreaking formulas that combine the most powerful botanical and marine actives with state-of-the-art science to deliver transformative results. In the past 30 years, it has grown to become a world-famous brand, loved by editors, celebrities and women across the globe, garnering over 400 awards with a portfolio of pioneering, clinically proven skincare products and spa treatments.


The ELEMIS ethos is defined by four key pillars: sourcing from nature, which involves extracting botanical and marine actives from above and below the earth’s surface and harnessing sensorial aromatics; delivering powerful results; using cutting-edge science and technology to create high-performance formulations; and evolving to meet the changing skincare needs of its customers.

From field to face, the approach has diversified over the years, focusing on renewable sources, working with co-operatives who have an ethical approach

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30

Another vital process that runs through all product development is the clinical and consumer trials that are conducted by independent third parties to ensure that products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy, whilst delivering trustworthy results that do not compromise the skin’s own protective ecosystem.


Sustainability and biodiversity through ingredient sourcing have woven their way through ELEMIS formulation development from day one. From field to face, the approach has diversified over the years, focusing on renewable sources, working with co-operatives who have an ethical approach to local communities and respecting local environments at ground level.


In Britain, ELEMIS works hand in hand with small, local farms, experimenting with new crops and exploring the viability of longer growing seasons.


A stunning collection of Great British plant oils, grown and pressed in East Anglia, is in the process of being created. These include elderberry, starflower, wheatgerm and oat – all of which have travelled as little as nine miles from field to press, minimising carbon footprint and supporting local agriculture and manufacturing systems. Additionally these ingredients help to maintain the population of British bees, which are fundamental to a healthy ecosystem and our food supply.

When ELEMIS launched its iconic Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 16 years ago, it took the beauty industry by storm with the product’s groundbreaking texture and results. But ELEMIS is not one to rest on its laurels, and is constantly challenging its labs to come up with the next most innovative formulas.

In 2019, after years of research, ELEMIS introduced its innovative new ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen collection which fuses the power of the sea with technology to create ‘smart skincare’ with delivery systems such as drone peptides, which cleverly release actives to the skin wherever youthful suppleness and luminosity are lacking.

With all its manufacturing still carried out in Britain, ELEMIS is proud to call itself a British brand: rooted in nature, led by science and dedicated to delivering products that visibly renew and enhance, offering truly remarkable results.