Effective, holistic products for body and mind

One of the most prestigious spa brands in the world, ESPA is an innovator at the forefront of the industry. It focuses on delivering holistic, effective and natural products and treatments to aid skin, body and mind through their expert biochemists, aromatherapists, dermatologists and wellbeing experts. ESPA combines the wisdom of traditional holistic therapies with the scientific power of the purest natural ingredients to create multi-award winning products and treatments that are performed and enjoyed in both the world’s top spas, and in homes all across the world.

Over the last 28 years, ESPA has meticulously developed hundreds of powerful products. ESPA’s renowned heritage is showcased by its creation of the Tri-Active™ blend, an efficacious concoction of plant extracts, marine actives and aromatherapy essential oils. This blend works on the surface and at deeper levels of the skin to provide instant and long-lasting benefits. ESPA has also lovingly created an esteemed collection of Signature Blends, known for their purity, potency and therapeutic qualities. This collection boasts a range of calm-inducing essential oil blends to target every lifestyle.

ESPA experienced the challenges we all faced in 2020, however, it still successfully launched over 150 new products, such as the indulgent Modern Alchemy bodycare collection. Inspired by ancient traditions and a desire for a greater sense of connection, the range fuses ancestral wisdom, sacred rituals and revered ingredients with powerful actives, harmonising therapies and transformative textures.

ESPA’s newest signature blend, Restful, celebrates the therapeutic power of Lavender. Created with a natural blend of pure essential oils, the range includes a sleep-inducing pillow mist, bath and body oil, pulse point oil and night cream to create blissful bedtimes.

ESPA has over 20 years’ experience building award-winning spas across five continents, standing at the forefront of today’s global spa industry

ESPA also has over 20 years’ experience building award- winning spas across five continents, standing at the forefront of today’s global spa industry as an authority on spa creation. Every spa ESPA touches captures the very essence of its brand values and heritage, featuring an unrivalled client journey and showcasing their reach across hotels, private residences, yachts and private jets.

ESPA is the proud partner of many of the UK’s most luxurious spas, boasting ESPALife at Corinthia London as part of its portfolio. Sprawling over four decadent floors that encapsulate calm, ESPALife at Corinthia creates cocooning spaces of peace and comfort within the warmth of the ambient fireplaces and mood lighting. The ESPALife concept offers a holistic approach to wellbeing, bringing together the world’s top experts, providing guests from around the globe with an extraordinary spa experience and offering them complementary alternative therapies to enhance their wellbeing adventure.

This year, the brand aims to become more environmentally focused, with the new ESPA Essentials range offering refillable solutions for the ultimate in conscious luxury. To further enhance the ‘spa at home’ experience that ESPA is so passionate about, 2021 will see the launch of ESPA’s lifestyle range, including luxury dressing gowns, slippers and more, helping everyone to make their home, their sanctuary. ESPA is an outstanding brand, one of the pioneers who combined science with natural beauty with a profusion of wellness still to come.