Perfecting the biggest of occasions’ smallest details

Favourbrook prides itself on playing a small but vital role in the most magnitudinous days of its clients’ lives. Whether dressing a groom or a racegoer attending Ladies Day or providing sartorial guidance for a young man on the eve of his first black tie occasion, looking after a client’s dressing needs is what inspires the Favourbrook teams. Its staff, some of whom have been with them for over 20 years, have decades of knowledge between them, enabling them to impart expert advice on morning dress and occasionwear. A client might require something special for a smart engagement that very evening or is perhaps to be married in morning dress eight months down the line. Whatever the story, every customer who sets foot in a Favourbrook store, undertakes a journey of some sort or another, and Favourbrook is delighted to accompany them, hitchhiking on their coat-tails, you might say.

Founded by designer Oliver Spencer, Favourbrook has its flagship store on London’s Pall Mall and a waistcoat and accessories boutique in Piccadilly Arcade. Favourbrook’s menswear blends classicism with colourful English eccentricity, putting a sharp, contemporary spin on traditional formalwear. Its womenswear represents the culmination of an obsessive passion for fabrication, producing elegant, timeless investment pieces for all ages, from shantung silk cocktail dresses to intricately embroidered and embellished coats and jackets.

Favourbrook is delighted that now normal service has resumed, it can continue to preach the joys of dressing up, after 18 months of most people living in loungewear.

As a formalwear specialist, dressing grooms, mothers-of-the-brides and ladies attending sophisticated formal events is a very important part of Favourbrook’s business. It is often the groom’s first outing in morning dress, so guiding him through the intricacies of formal attire and watching his transformation from reticent newbie to confident, elegant gentleman never fails to bring a smile to the team’s faces. But the real joy is when that groom returns months later, with a marriage band and a phone full of photos and videos from the big day. Every time, it is a reminder of the magnitude of the occasion and Favourbrook feels honoured to have played its part in a small but significant way. It is grateful for the trust that customers place in its experience and expertise, that extends from its carefully sourced fabric suppliers to its craftsmen.

That gratitude was magnified in 2021 after the tumult of the lockdown. Favourbrook has always thrived on conviviality, social connection and the forging of new relationships, but the pandemic made light work of these and Covid was a tough but ultimately necessary pill to swallow. However, Favourbrook is delighted that now normal service has resumed, it can continue to preach the joys of dressing up, after 18 months of most people living in track pants and loungewear. Favourbrook did occasionally wonder how ‘style’ would re-emerge from the imposed cocoon of lockdown but thankfully, its clients are thirstier than ever to entertain and look good while doing so. Both men’s and women’s eveningwear collections have been extremely popular, with autumn/winter’s velvet garments proving that texture and tactility are as timeless and sophisticated as ever. While Favourbrook can’t be confident that this decade will replicate the ‘roaring twenties’, its mission is to ensure that its customers feel every bit as flamboyant and ready for fun.