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Jet Candy

The natural jet lag remedy taking small steps to make a big difference

In our age of international travel, who has not wished that they could hit the ground running without jet lag? Whether you turn right or left on a plane and however restrained you are with the in-flight champagne, jet lag can affect every single one of us. So, welcome to a new golden age of travel with Jet Candy, an all-natural, revolutionary remedy to combat jet lag. Jet Candy helps the circadian body rhythms adjust to different time zones and alleviates anxiety, fatigue, weariness, travel sickness and disorientation. It helps with deep vein thrombosis and is even known to help after a night out.


It really works, as the brand’s founder, Rosalind Milani Gallieni, knows: ‘The remedy was created for me when I was running the Ferrari Formula One sponsorship department at Asprey with Edward Asprey. I was travelling relentlessly to Grands Prix across the globe. It was so good that I kept on taking it once I started travelling for my own PR company in 1999, and I gave it to colleagues, hotels, friends and family.’


Ros founded Jet Candy Travel in 2008, with British company Helios Homeopathy creating the bespoke all-natural remedy, comprising mini ‘pillules’ in a travel-sized dispenser. Three years ago Ros formalised the business in earnest with website, social media, product branding, marketing and more, launching officially at the International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes. Since then Jet Candy has gone on to feature at some of the travel and hospitality industry’s foremost events.

‘I wouldn’t attempt a long-haul flight without it now. It’s life-changing for the long-haul traveller,’ says actor Hermione Norris

Above The Clouds

Travellers, from business executives, journalists and influencers to celebrities, all endorse Jet Candy’s remarkable benefits. ‘This magic product literally saved my bacon flying to and from Australia recently,’ says actress Hermione Norris. ‘I wouldn’t attempt a long haul-flight without it now. It’s life- changing for the long-haul traveller.’


Another fan is celebrity make-up artist Mary Greenwell who says, ‘Jet Candy has served me so many times. Without it, I would have fallen asleep while making up a beautiful face. I love it!’ International brand Consultant and Luxury CMO Pam Bristow talks of her dread of a business meeting hours after landing from a continental red-eye. ‘You fight it with pots of coffee and a cold shower to no avail. Unacceptable when you have to be “on”. Enter Jet Candy. It gives you back your best self. A total reset. Day or night. It’s as essential as your passport.’


With such ringing endorsements, the brand would be forgiven for resting on its laurels but it continues to innovate and 2019 saw the launch of a Jet Candy ‘turn-down’ version as a gift for hotel guests. The brand has recently gained the attention of astronauts wishing to sample Jet Candy’s benefits.


Despite its international outreach, Jet Candy remains a British-made brand. ‘Being British means having a love of travel and adventure with a good sense of humour,’ says Ros. ‘Jet Candy is a brand with a modern, fresh take – certainly never boring. Its mission remains as clear as the day it was dreamed up – to make jet lag a thing of the past. The brand never stops and makes me touch new dimensions daily.’