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Lark & Berry

Diamond disruptors with a cultured future

In terms of capturing the zeitgeist, Lark & Berry – the world’s first designer jewellery brand to offer only cultured diamonds and gemstones – appears to be riding the crest of a wave. Its proposition is that cultured diamonds are equal to mined diamonds – often superior, in fact – yet the way they are produced is sustainable, less environmentally damaging and guaranteed 100 per cent conflict-free, making them a crucial new choice in the marketplace. In other words, if you, as a consumer, care about planet Earth, then this update to the age-old ‘girl’s best friend’ is an exciting no-brainer.


With a flagship store in London’s Marylebone, other stockists in London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, and an active and engaging presence on social media inviting us to #ShineDifferent, Lark & Berry has only been open for a year, yet its jewellery has already won design awards and been paraded by celebrities at AMFAR, the Met Gala, the Tonys and the BFAs. It also featured in ‘Our Royal Baby’, a book to commemorate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship and the birth of their first baby, Archie.

If you, as a consumer, care about planet Earth, then this update to the age-old ‘girl’s best friend’ is an exciting no-brainer.

Lark & Berry Double Love Necklace in 14k Gold

Nicknamed the ‘Diamond Disruptors’ by media commentators, the brand has a dual mission: to sell and to educate. To disrupt the industry in a positive way, it has to undo the stigma around ‘fake diamonds’ that lives in the market place. The way to do this, of course, is to emphasise its sustainability.


‘As consumers learn the facts about lab-grown gems, including how they are created with 100 per cent renewable energy, they are actually grateful a choice like this exists,’ says founder, Laura Chavez. ‘I’m very proud of how far Lark & Berry has come, and thrilled with how Britain in general has received cultured diamond jewellery. I think our quick success as a brand speaks to Britain’s open- mindedness and passion for sustainable choices, which have made cultured diamonds an increasingly sought-after gem.’


The buzz surrounding this disruptive challenger to the jewellery market is growing – in fact the brand’s research says that 70 per cent of millennials now know of, and would consider buying, a cultured diamond ring. But it is not just millennials, as evidenced by a booking Lark & Berry took for its new in-store piercing concept. ‘It was for a family – a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter – three generations coming for cultured diamond piercings. They were so excited and I loved watching this family bonding experience. It was special to see very differently-aged people put their trust in us and this game-changing concept.’


As Lark & Berry moves through 2020 and onward, Chavez is aiming to build the brand into a household name and an emblem of doing the right thing for the planet in every aspect of life. ‘The choices we make now will greatly impact the way in which we leave our planet for future generations. For this reason I think acceptance of cultured diamonds will grow as people realise they’re getting the best possible diamond in terms of quality and for planet Earth and at the fairest price.’