Lawson Robb

Curated design for interiors and yachts with a one-of-a-kind identity

International interior and yacht designer Lawson Robb has had one of the most exciting years on record. The innovative course it set under the direction of new creative leads George Wolstenholme and Lena Cottray has refreshed its internal operations, design processes, output and, most importantly, client experience. Projects are optimised from start to finish by a steadfast and absorbed team in direct contact with clients or their representatives. In its most recently delivered projects, the company’s friendly and approachable set-up and enjoyable, personalised process have been cited by clients as key factors in ensuring projects’ ultimate success.

‘We take pride in building a strong yet relaxed relationship with our clients,’ says Lena. ‘It makes the projects all the more enjoyable and honest for both parties, which ultimately leads to the best design outcome, one that is truly tailored to the clients’ needs.’

Lawson Robb’s friendly and approachable set-up and enjoyable, personalised process have been cited by clients as key factors in ensuring projects’ ultimate success.

Other undeniable moments of pride in the past year have emanated from Lawson Robb’s yachting division. Winning an International Yacht & Aviation Award for the interior of Project Haze was a highlight not only for the accreditation, but for recognition among the ‘new-generation’ of superyacht clients.

‘Haze is a new breed of superyacht from a new division of Palumbo Shipyard. These are just the kind of projects we are proud to be part of, and are motivated to be part of in the future,’ says George.

The company’s second superyacht delivery, Phi, is considered special for numerous reasons: for the vision, trust and relationship with the client, the achievement of the wider team that brought the project together and for the intricately detailed interior that Lawson Robb designed and produced. As this project sees the light of day in 2022, it will become clear why it is being billed as one of the most important launches of the year.

As the brand develops, so does its impact on aspects that may seem outside the scope of interior design. Expertise it can offer from an architectural, M&E and technological integration point of view is often something that goes unmentioned when projects come to fruition. In a recent London townhouse, for example, the background detail contributed by Lawson Robb was of vast benefit to the international clients and the integrity of their project.

‘We feel that the more we push ourselves and align with like-minded forward-thinkers, the more our clients, their projects, and any communities that have developed processes and technologies as part of the delivery, will benefit,’ says George.

Lawson Robb’s approach to interior design is to create spaces with a one-of-a-kind identity, rejecting changeable trends and focusing on a personal design experience based on myriad resources brought together in a visually cohesive way.

As part of its delivery process, it now has a ‘creative agency’ style offering, whereby the story and identity of a scheme can be translated into anything from branded stationery and accessories to project books, websites and staff uniforms. Clients clearly see the value of adding this extra flourish to their land-based and yachting projects, to elevate the level of curatorial consideration.