London Sock Company

The little things that make a big difference

For London Sock Company, socks have always been a little thing with the power to make a big difference. A dash of colour can transform not just your style but your state of mind. Indeed, the brand celebrates the power of the little things in its very first TV ad. Starring British actor Michael C Fox (sporting the brand’s vivid East India Saffron socks, below), it champions the little moments – your morning coffee, a stroll in the park, giving a colourful gift, and, of course, wearing great socks – that brighten all of our days.

The company was founded in 2013 by Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard at a time when the way men dressed was changing rapidly. The tie – a traditional way of expressing some personality – was fading fast. Stylish, colourful socks offered a new way to show some individuality. Fast forward to today and the way men dress has changed entirely. Months of lockdown and working from home have resulted in a movement away from the tailored and sartorial to a more relaxed style.

These stylistic and cultural shifts have meant that London Sock Company’s main challenge during the pandemic has been adapting to the changing lifestyles of its customers, while retaining the brand’s essential Britishness and remaining relevant and desirable to men, who are no longer wearing a suit to work.

Fortunately, the company’s socks have always looked just as good with a pair of jeans as they do with a tailored suit. Moreover, thanks to the dedication to quality materials – the finest Scottish lisle cotton, for example – they are comfortable and eminently wearable around the home.

The London Sock Company is also fortunate in that it has been a digitally native brand since its inception, so it’s been able seamlessly to continue providing a polished, personalised and enjoyable online sales experience to its customers – old and new alike. Among its collections, men will find pairs to suit all tastes and occasions, from the bold block colours in its headline collection, Simply Sartorial, to exclusive collaborations like The Hollywood Collection, with celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati. The company has also just launched a trio of cashmere socks – perfect for adding a bit of luxury to the everyday, work-from- home routine – as well as a new organic cotton Boot Sock range, ideal for country and park walks from puddle to pub.

The company’s belief in the power of the little things also extends to those small things we can all do to make a difference for others. With every order, it donates a pair of socks to charity as a part of its Share a Pair initiative. In November 2020, it even doubled its donation to two pairs an order. So far, over 46,000 pairs have been donated to those in need at charities Crisis, Choose Love and Foot Works.

At a time when all our horizons have been drawing in, it is especially important to embrace the little things in life, to rejoice in everyday pleasures like the bright, joyful colours of London Sock Company’s socks. Keep the grey at bay.