British in product, international in outlook

Loomah specialises in the design and supply of luxury bespoke handmade carpets and rugs. The brand does not possess a set look or style: every piece is custom-made to suit each individual interior and available to be supplied in any size, shape, or colour. Loomah is equally at home designing a one-off rug for a family living area or a suite of carpets with elaborate borders, following the contours of the rooms across an entire residence. The company has an extensive archive of designs, both classical and contemporary, which can be used for direct orders or as design inspiration. Alternatively, one of Loomah’s expert team can create entirely original designs to match any interior scheme.

Loomah swiftly rose to the challenge of working under lockdown, using the enforced slow-down productively. A smart new company design portfolio was created, which acts as a beautifully presented print version of its website and can be utilised as a leave-behind or marketing tool. Loomah continued to pick up new business throughout too – the team was readily available to keep communicating with clients – existing and potential. Additionally, the company saw a rise in design interest and footfall to its showroom when permitted, with more clients having time to dedicate to their homes.

Every Loomah rug is custom-made to suit each individual interior and is available in any size, shape, or colour

Loomah has produced four new product ranges to create a broader offering. These products include a range of bespoke outdoor rugs, a range of flatweave qualities and two new yarns. The first is an upcycled yarn, made exclusively from plastic bottles fished back from the sea, which is velvety soft, durable and offers a fantastic sustainable alternative. The second new yarn is AVA (anti-viral and allergy) which, when blended with wool, prevents the reactions that people with dust or wool allergies often experience with wool carpets. This yarn was also proved to eliminate any Covid-19 particles walked in off the street on shoes, making it doubly useful and an important and timely defence strategy against allergens and viruses in the home.

With regard to Brexit, Loomah is quietly confident that it will continue to trade successfully with its many European partners and customers going forward. The brand is currently completing projects in Monaco and Barcelona and already has them lined up for 2021 in Paris and Italy. ‘Great Britain is renowned worldwide for design and innovation and our largest export is the service industry,’ says managing director, Andrew Cotgrove. ‘Loomah is proud to consider itself part of this industry, creating new and beautiful designs for every project and constantly updating our product ranges to suit our clients’ individual requirements – all quintessential British traits and ones we are proud to demonstrate.’

This year certainly presented choppy waters for Loomah to navigate, but, by swiftly adapting to new circumstances, innovating new procedures and products and – most importantly – by continuing to offer its uniquely personalised service, Loomah feels it will successfully sail though to the hopeful calm of 2021 and beyond.