Martin Kemp Design

An evolving synergy of style, harmony and detail for 2022

Martin Kemp Design is an independent design studio responsible for some of the world’s most sophisticated spaces, from classic restorations to modern minimalism. Unfettered by an in-house style, it creates inspired interiors for those who truly seek the exceptional. As the studio approaches its tenth anniversary, it does so with a spirit of renewed vigour and a determination to grow stronger and continue to flourish.

It’s fair to say that with many of the studio’s projects being so extensive – often involving hundreds of manufacturers from the construction industry and fine artisans – in terms of the wider community and throughout the pandemic, it has been able to continue to support many craftspeople in their endeavours to construct some extraordinary homes and estates, unabated. The studio was touched to be thanked personally by one local delicatessen who stated that, without the proximity of its project and the many orders of food by everyone working on site, it would certainly have had to close. That is fine testament to how the supply chain can work, with successful enterprise trickling down to support everyone from clients to designers, electricians to embroiderers, cafés to taxi drivers, ultimately enabling everyone to deliver exceptional craft while supporting business and society throughout a pandemic, recession or unforeseen events.

The team continues to deliver grand projects for its discreet client list, working internationally at the very highest level. Examples include a complete refurbishment of a palatial, Grade I listed mansion overlooking The Mall, undergoing restoration from the ground up, working closely with The Crown Estate and English Heritage. This substantial project ranges from detailed restoration of historic features from custom ironmongery to mahogany doors, replacement mouldings and new services throughout, plus contemporary additions including a sub-basement and entirely private roof terrace.

‘Martin Kemp Design continues to deliver grand projects for its discreet client list, working internationally at the very highest level’

Further afield, the studio has just completed a vast new-build, a retreat in the French countryside, for another exceptional client. Using references to local vernacular with the optimum levels of finish throughout, it is reimagining – in contrasting traditional and modernist styles – a continental estate, comprising multiple villas. It is also engaged in a major development overlooking the port of Monaco, a substantial apartment complex where the bedrock is being excavated to make room for three private subterranean spas, one of which is designated for exclusive use by the penthouse.

Next year marks the completion of a four-year build of a sensationally stylish American refit, adding significant volume to the family home, bringing much needed light and practicality. A growing family deemed such improvements necessary, and Martin Kemp Design was commissioned to blend expert space planning and high style with the usual attention to detail.

An additional chance was granted during lockdown for Martin Kemp Design to focus on the development of a further arm to its business. The plan is to embrace an ethical stance within the super-prime market, exploring sustainability, minimising production, transport and packaging and providing further security to local communities. Full details of this exciting, new brand development are to be announced shortly.