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Morgan Motor Company

Celebrating 110 years in style

When a company enters its 110th year of business, its history books begin to burst at the seams. The Morgan Motor Company is no exception and, since its beginnings in 1909, has become a staple of the British automotive landscape. However, when observers look back in another century, 2019 will surely shine through as one of Morgan’s truly defining years.


Central to this milestone year was the launch of the Morgan Plus Six, which stunned public and media alike when it was revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Although retaining the recognisable Morgan silhouette, under the skin almost every component was redefined and re-engineered.


Underpinning the Plus Six is an all-new aluminium platform, twice as rigid as before yet exceptionally lightweight, allowing the whole car to tip the scales at a mere 1,075kg. Power comes from a 3.0-litre BMW engine producing 335bhp, enough to take the Plus Six from 0–62mph in just 4.2 seconds.


It’s a car that inspires you to take it for a drive, even when there’s no destination in mind

Morgan Motor Company

Emissions standards have become a major challenge for the car industry and its low CO2 figure of 180g/km makes the Plus Six one of the cleanest Morgan cars ever produced. It is a testament to the work of the small team who developed the car at the company’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire. Despite its technically advanced architecture, the Plus Six doesn’t cast aside the qualities that make every Morgan so special.


Each car is hand built by highly skilled craftsmen, and uses the brand’s core materials of aluminium, British- grown ash and leather. These materials, combined with the rare skills and passion required to apply them, result in a car that is unique within the marketplace.


A Morgan is also defined by its unmistakable driving experience. With an unadulterated connection between driver and road, effortless power on tap and the wind in your hair, it delivers a thrill like no other. It’s a car that inspires you to take it for a drive, even when there’s no destination in mind.

That applies equally to Morgan’s whole range of models and, for an experience that’s the complete antithesis to sanitised, modern motoring, there’s the Morgan 3 Wheeler. It may not be a first choice for long distance travel, yet it exudes a remarkable sense of adventure that compels owners to embark on road trips across countries and even continents. 2019 also saw a majority stake in Morgan acquired by Investindustrial. The European investment group, whose automotive CV includes Aston Martin and Ducati, will support Morgan’s future development while remaining true to the company’s heritage. The Morgan family will continue to act as brand stewards and retain a minority shareholding.

Morgan also celebrated its 110th year with a range of 110 Anniversary Edition models, as well as a limited- edition bicycle created in collaboration with another celebrated British brand, Pashley Cycles.

But it doesn’t stop there: Morgan’s Research and Development teams are flat out and growing, working on future sports cars and even an all-new body style. 2020 is already shaping up to be an even more exciting year for Morgan.

Morgan Motor Company