Organic, sustainable beds and mattresses for natural, restorative sleep

Since 1999, Devon-based Naturalmat has been handcrafting beds and mattresses from organic, natural ingredients.

Every great idea starts with an instant of inspiration and, for Naturalmat, that moment came over 20 years ago on the high seas, when keen sailors Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall were struggling to understand why mattresses aboard boats were so uncomfortable.

‘Why you would spend hundreds of thousands on a boat and then be expected to sleep on a £30 slab of foam?’ expostulates founder Mark Tremlett. He points out that synthetics are utterly unsuitable to sleep on as they retain heat and absorb moisture. Conversely, natural fibres are inherently breathable and dissipate heat and moisture. Peter and Mark duly set up in Mark’s family boatyard and began making mattresses from breathable, natural fibres that were fabulously comfortable and fitted neatly into boats’ awkward spaces.

Another lightbulb moment came after the birth of Mark’s first child, when the pair realised if they could make eco-friendly mattresses for boats, they could make them for babies too. They started handcrafting baby mattresses with the same pure, properly certified organic materials so that babies didn’t have to absorb the harmful toxins found in synthetics. Parents were so delighted with this eco-conscious approach that they understandably wanted the same for themselves. With that, Naturalmat was born.

All the materials Naturalmat uses are organic from renewable sources and harvested according to Fair Trade principles. Where possible, all ingredients are locally sourced

Today, Naturalmat has stayed true to its founding principles, but now makes a sumptuous range of beds, headboards and bedding for the home, nursery, super yacht and hotel markets. All the materials Naturalmat uses are organic from renewable sources and harvested according to Fair Trade principles. Where possible, all ingredients are locally sourced, so Naturalmat has pioneered a relationship with neighbouring organic sheep farmers to ensure all its wool comes from within a 50-mile radius of the factory. At the end of their life, all materials used by Naturalmat are 100 per cent biodegradable or recyclable, so they can either be returned to nature or upcycled into a new range of items. In 2020, in recognition of its contribution to the environment, Naturalmat was honoured to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

Naturalmat not only makes everything itself, but also sells everything itself. If you want to buy a Naturalmat, you need to visit its stores in Devon, Notting Hill (nursery and child) or Chiswick (home) to try out the full range of mattresses and beds. Naturalmat understands that it’s important not to feel pressurised or rushed when making such an important but tricky decision, so it has created a Sleep Zone in its Chiswick shop, where each mattress is housed in a special pod for customers to spend time, remove themselves from the outside world and inhaling relaxing aromas before choosing.

Naturalmat believes that people, not machines, make superior, long-lasting beds. Its craftspeople ensure that every stitch, fibre, tufting button and cover are painstakingly measured, layered and sewn. When a mattress or bed leaves the factory, Naturalmat is confident it will deliver years of comfortable, healthy and relaxing sleep: the deep, restorative sleep that most people only dream of…