A fine fragrance brand hitting all the right notes

Designed and handcrafted in the UK, Nostara creates exquisite products that make a statement. Developed by founder Nikki Holt and Marina Barcenilla, an award-winning perfumer, every fragrance is bespoke, made using essential oils from around the world. Each one is designed to evoke emotion and reflect the beauty of nature – all inextricably linked to Nikki’s experiences and favourite places.

Founded in Somerset in 2017, Nikki had a strong vision from the start. ‘My goal was to create a range of natural soy wax candles and soy-based reed diffusers using essential oils, that not only look stylish but smell amazing – the sort of products I wanted for my own home,’ she says. Five years later – and despite the pandemic – the brand is going from strength to strength, currently focusing on introducing new products.

In 2021, Nostara launched its first eau de parfum and eau de toilette, Mimosa Flower and Leather & Vetiver. This marked a significant progression into fine fragrance for the brand.

‘These two fragrances are inspired by nature and are sure to lift spirits and transport you to a different place or time, making a lasting impression for all who wear them,’ says Nikki.

Each fragrance is designed to evoke emotion and reflect the beauty of nature.

The success continued with the arrival of its first bodycare products. Offered in four different fragrances, which transport you across the globe, the washes and lotions are designed with the finest of ingredients. These include rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E, which are known to cleanse deeply, nourish and moisturise the body. The result is a bodycare range that offers you the experience of a five-star spa at home.

In the meantime, Nostara’s home fragrance range continues to soar. The candles and reed diffusers create an oasis of calm and turn the everyday into the extraordinary. The brand’s new fragrance Patchouli & Sandalwood has received rave reviews, continuing its line of magical scents.

Nostara uses local partners where possible – this includes the hand-pouring, which takes place in the South West. Their new products are no exception, and they partner with nearby artisan manufacturers for many of the key components of their perfume and bodycare products.

‘We are constantly amazed by the depth of manufacturing talent within our local area and the broader UK,’ says Nikki. ‘It makes us so proud to “keep it local” and partner with small businesses.’

This ties in with Nostara’s aim to incorporate sustainable practices – such as the use of natural waxes and essential oils. ‘We feel it is important to understand where materials are produced, how they are produced and how far they travel before reaching us,’ Nikki says. ‘This attention to detail helps us deliver the best products with minimum impact on our planet’. Post-recycled materials are also used for the packaging.

Nostara’s imaginative products have prompted a great response. Customers have been sharing how even a little bit of fragrance based product has boosted their mood or helped them to unwind.

‘We’ve always been fascinated by the way fragrance transports us back to happy times or relaxes and comforts us. To know that emotions are stirred and people feel special makes us feel so proud,’ says Nikki.