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Red Savannah

Travel curators of extraordinary journeys and breathtakingly beautiful villas

In this fast-moving, connected world, people desire two things: time to themselves, and the opportunity to travel – interacting with local people and experiencing places that are truly authentic.


This is where Red Savannah comes in. From heavenly villas in Provence and Tuscany to sandbank picnics in Zanzibar and hillside honeymoons in Laos, Red Savannah is in the business of making travel dreams come true. ‘Perfectly curated, flawlessly executed,’ reads one discerning client’s comment from among hundreds. The brand 
is entering 2020 an unprecedented 60 per cent ahead of the same period last year. ‘While markets can and do change fast,’ says George Morgan- Grenville, founder and CEO, ‘currently the sustained and robust level of interest we are seeing is giving us immense optimism for the future.’

Without ‘substance’ a brand cannot exist. British brands tend to have a quiddity that often forms the very essence of trust

Red Savannah

The brand is not unaware of wider concerns around travel, in an era when it is accepted that the planet is under threat from climate change. ‘It must be taken in context,’ says Morgan-Grenville. ‘The travel industry employs one in every ten people in the world and is responsible for one in every five jobs created
in the last five years. It accounts for 10.4 per cent of the world’s GDP. Stopping travelling would devastate many emerging market economies. In response we have introduced Green Savannah, our philanthropic arm that pushes the company to obtain carbon neutrality and also offsets all our staff and clients’ flights by donating to Rainforest Trust. We have already protected over 9,500 acres of rainforest.’


Red Savannah is also optimistic about opportunities for growth, and is currently engaged in two potential acquisitions and
a major affinity deal. For 2020 it has introduced
a series of riding trips in Patagonia, Spain, Romania and Botswana, alongside walking safaris and the opportunity for wild swimming from a former warship deep in the Norwegian fjords. ‘Many people want to be able to exercise and feel the freedom of a destination,’ says Morgan-Grenville.

Red Savannah’s service is very personal, not only addressing interests and special occasions but also delving deep into its clients’ individual motives to understand their travel expectations. Becoming a trusted brand, it says, has a lot to do with being British: ‘Without “substance” a brand cannot exist. British brands tend to have a quiddity that often forms the essence of trust. Testament to this is an almost 40 per cent increase in foreign nationals using the brand and becoming loyal clients.’

Like other travel companies, Red Savannah
is battling an often-mistaken perception that
it is cheaper to book online. ‘It is increasingly common to read about people being scammed
on online booking sites,’ says Morgan-Grenville. ‘Our challenge is to assure clients they are getting value for money, while still providing highly imaginative and authentic content. Within our luxury villa programme, for example, we are now offering a “best price guarantee” on every villa.’

This reassurance, coupled with Red Savannah’s experience, careful attention to detail and expertise in the markets in which it operates are not lost on its growing client base. ‘Couldn’t have done it without you,’ writes one traveller, recently returned from Vietnam. ‘Amazing trip. Absolutely fantastic. We are now Red Savannah addicts.’

Red Savannah