Leaders in innovative and sustainable rug design

Riviere was founded by Camilla and Leo Riviere in 2005. Handwoven in Nepal’s Kathmandu valley using traditional techniques, the rugs are made from the finest hand-carded and hand-spun Tibetan wool and pure Chinese silk, as well as mohair, nettle, linen and botanic silk. Painstakingly crafted, each rug is unique and of exceptional quality.

‘When we founded Riviere, one aim was to support the rug trade and the people who make them,’ say Camilla and Leo. ‘We have an amazing team of weavers who love what they do, and it gives us a feeling of immense pride whenever we receive a rug commission as we know how important it is to the community in Nepal.’

Among Riviere’s finest creations is the Caledonia Collection, produced in collaboration with O&A London.

Equally vital is the brand’s scrupulous approach to sustainability. ‘Ecological products and furnishings are very much at the forefront as we become more and more aware of the damage caused to our environment,’ says Riviere’s Managing Director, Monique Stamp. ‘In a world increasingly dominated by synthetic materials, we choose natural materials, such as wool sourced from sheep reared in the Himalayas. Wool is one of the most eco-friendly fibres out there. It’s 100 per cent sustainable and 100 per cent renewable, with very little environmental impact.’

Riviere also seeks out new materials that both tread lightly on the planet and are positive to human health. ‘We’ve recently introduced Tencel silk – the yarn looks and feels similar to pure silk but is a biodegradable Lyocell fibre derived from wood pulp, transformed with high resource efficiency and low ecological impact, harvested from certified and controlled sources,’ says Monique.

Today, Riviere has more than 100 designs which can all be customised with a choice of colour, size, shape and materials. Working closely with some of the world’s leading interior design practices, the brand also offers a fully bespoke service, giving the interiors industry the scope to create truly original, one-off pieces for their clients.

Among the brand’s finest creations is the Caledonia Collection, produced in collaboration with O&A London. Inspired by the majestic Scottish landscape, there are five mesmerising designs. The O&A London design, combined with Riviere’s creative and highly skilled artisanal approach to rug making, allies for a collection of contemporary rugs of extraordinary beauty.

‘What defines our rugs is that they offer longevity, evolving with our clients’ homes and lifestyles so that hopefully they will be passed on to the next generation,’ say Camilla and Leo. ‘We like to say that our rugs are unique pieces of floor art; an heirloom that will continue to give its owners pleasure for years to come.