Rosendale Design

Holistic interior architecture for residences, hospitality and retail

Founded in 2014 by Dale Atkinson, Rosendale Design has quickly become one of the UK’s leading interior architecture studios, specialising in the design and management of luxury hospitality, retail and residential spaces. With a rich history of working with celebrities, restaurateurs, hoteliers and property developers, the multidisciplinary practice caters to all aspects of design, from furniture to lighting and products.

Strong links to a talented global network of artists, craftsmen and manufacturers, all dedicated to innovation and quality, results in a holistic approach to design that always takes into account the physical and cultural context of a project. ‘Our concepts are thoughtful and refined, with a unique design ethos bedded in research that allows each project to have its own identity and personality – this is extremely important for both us and the client,’ says Dale.

Over the years, Rosendale Design has been entrusted to oversee designs of listed and protected buildings, and in conservation areas. It has worked on various projects that fall under protection by Historic England, including Somerset House which holds a Grade I listing. One recent major commission was the redesign of the Stafford Hotel, in London’s St James’s. The studio worked carefully to celebrate the existing architecture and rich history of the building, developing a residential aesthetic that will stand the test of time while evoking a quintessentially British style.

‘Our concepts are thoughtful and refined, with a unique design ethos bedded in research that allows each project to have its own identity and personality’

Standout features include custom fabric headboards and upholstered chairs that nods to the antique furniture found throughout the rest of the hotel. The jewel in the Stafford’s crown, The Park Suite, has been created from transforming a pair of smaller rooms into a luxurious maisonette with a sitting room decorated using British wallpapers and fabrics. This leaning towards homegrown brands is underpinned by working with specialist British craftsmen who make bespoke furniture.

Rosendale Design is a diverse studio employing interior designers, architects, engineers and lighting specialists from around the world. As a result, the studio is able to look at a project from all angles, and offer a turnkey service, saving clients’ money by not needing to employ additional contractors. Lighting in particular is important, as the way a space is perceived relies heavily on the quality of light and the visual layering of key elements. The studio understands the properties of light and the way it behaves – as well as all other elements of design – and is able to provide thoroughly considered, original interiors for all kinds of projects.