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RPS Rally

Supporting endurance rally cars and teams the world over

Oxfordshire-based Rally Preparation Services (RPS) builds and restores vintage and classic cars which compete in endurance rallies all over the world, tackling some of the most challenging terrain in the remotest of areas. But the job doesn’t finish when the car drives out the workshop. RPS offers training to the crews to make sure they are as prepared as the cars they are driving. The RPS team has been known to jump on a plane to the other side of the world with parts to fix a problem during an event.


The team has travelled from Oxford to the Himalayas, from Peking to Paris and from Moscow to Monte Carlo and the depths of Africa, fixing cars on the roadside and using whatever is at hand to get the car and the crew back in the rally.

The RPS team has been known to jump on a plane to the other side of the world with parts to fix a problem during an event

RPS Rally

Endurance rallies are fast gaining popularity outside of the historic motoring community, with adventure-hungry couples enjoying the escapism they provide. Crews range from partners, siblings, parents and children to best pals.


The recent political and economic uncertainty hasn’t hampered RPS’ business – in fact the company has received more interest from overseas clients where the exchange rate is in their favour. This is an opportunity that RPS hopes to build on in 2020 as it continues to look for fresh ideas and locations for its clients to stay ahead of the competition – both on the road and in the workshop.


‘The company was founded 12 years ago and we’ve developed a good roster of clients in the USA, Europe and even Australia,’ explains RPS managing director, Simon Ayris. ‘In 2019 our business grew by 30 per cent with overseas business expanding considerably.’ RPS is gaining fresh new international clients almost weekly, strengthening its presence in the USA and creating a new client database from Switzerland.


‘This is definitely an area we’ll continue to focus on in 2020, not just in terms of the physical work but also brand recognition as RPS becomes more involved in on-event services,’ says Simon. ‘Our clients know we don’t just create the cars they rally, we’re out there rallying in the car next to them.’

The company also engages with customers by hosting its own events. ‘For RPS’s tenth anniversary, we ran the Tin Cup – tin being the appropriate symbol – a year-long Rally championship that culminated in a two-day rally in Britain,’ adds Simon. ‘This allowed us some valuable face-time with clients on a highly sociable level but also introduced them to like-minded rallygoers. The friendships formed often result in these groups going on events together. As a team, we provide support to rally organisers, so we’re often on the road with our clients on events like Le Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, the Trans-Himalayan Adventure and Gstaad Palace Challenge.’

Other businesses might be sitting tight awaiting a more stable political climate, but RPS is speeding ahead with its continued growth and development plans, optimistic for 2020 and confident it is supplying a growing community of enthusiasts with an unmatchable service to both cars and the teams that drive them.

RPS Rally