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A lifetime of extraordinary sleep

Good sleep is fundamental to our health and vitality. More important than nutrition and exercise, it provides an immediate, entirely pleasurable way to improve our well-being. But for sleep to be truly life-enhancing, it requires an exceptional bed.


Savoir craft beds to an extraordinary standard of luxury, handmade from completely natural materials using traditional techniques. These are beds which, in every sense, stand the test of time.


At the Savoir Bedworks in London and Wales, craftsmen work intently at individual oak trestles – the antithesis of a production line – meticulously crafting natural materials by hand into the most comfortable and beautiful beds imaginable. From inception to completion, every bed is bespoke: made and signed by one master craftsman for one customer.

The Savoir story began in 1905, when Richard D’Oyly Carte required a bed luxurious enough to qualify for the rooms of his newly opened Savoy Hotel


The Savoir story began in 1905, when Richard D’Oyly Carte required a bed luxurious enough to qualify for the rooms of his newly opened Savoy Hotel. Not finding any that were up to
his exacting standards, he chose to create his own. The result is still made today – Savoir No. 2 – and its spirit still governs Savoir’s approach to every bed it makes.


In 2019, showcasing its pursuit of the extraordinary, Savoir introduced the rotating Three Sixty bed: the epitome of British craft. With over 300 hours invested in its minute detailing, it is the bed that has everything: a Savoir No. 1 bed set, turntable technology so that you can rotate 360 degrees and choose your view, carefully positioned reading lights, USB and power outlets thoughtfully incorporated, without interrupting the design aesthetic.


This year also saw the launch of Savoir’s new bed linen collection, which is a continuation of their extraordinary standards. This exclusive new collection is cut and sewn in England. The Egyptian cotton is delicately woven in Italian mills, with every piece of fabric displaying impeccable softness, smoothness and strength. These linens are nothing less than a Savoir bed deserves.

2019 also saw the reimagining of the leather bed. Working together with British designer and master of leather craftsmanship, Bill Amberg, Savoir has brought a new approach to the classic leather bed. Ocean is a departure from the dark masculine tones and deep buttoning of a traditional Chesterfield, bringing a modern take to leather design. Skilfully blending heritage and innovation, the design features specialist digital printing technology, while retaining the natural character and grain of the world’s finest leather.

Step into any of Savoir’s 15 showrooms around the world and they’ll guide you to a lifetime of exceptional sleep, showing how this can be achieved through passionate personalisation. A bed’s dimensions, materials and fabric can all be tailored, whether it’s to provide a particular level of support or just to match the style of a room. Beds for superyachts, headboards inspired by architecture: anything is possible. The luxury of handcrafted sleep, 100 years in the making and never more relevant than today.