Sims Hilditch

Interior design for elegant, contemporary English living

Founded by Emma Sims-Hilditch in 2009, Sims Hilditch is one of the most highly regarded interior design studios in Britain, known for championing the ‘new English’ look in decorating. And while Sims Hilditch is often the go-to for those investing in the country house market, its style translates equally well to contemporary apartments and townhouses in urban locations.

Sims Hilditch believes in the power of intelligently designed, characterful and beautiful interiors that radically improve the quality of its clients’ lives. However, in 2021 the studio observed a major shift in the type of service its clients required. Rather than cosmetic changes to finishes and furniture, clients wanted to give their properties a thorough overhaul to preserve the integrity of the building for the next generation.

As you would expect, this is a process that involves detailed spatial planning as well as kitchen, bathroom and joinery design. The Sims Hilditch studio in Gloucestershire is uniquely placed to offer a fully comprehensive, end-to-end design service that truly reflects a client’s individual requirements, including bespoke furniture design and advice on procuring art and antiques. It also knows when to draw on other specialists such as structural engineers and architects.

‘We are always proud of Britain’s traditional heritage,’ says Louise Wicksteed, Sims Hilditch’s newly appointed Design Director. ‘Much of our time is spent working on historic buildings, some of which have been in the same family for up to five generations. We also have the privilege of working with some of the most eminent British architects of our time, creating new country houses and estates continuing the tradition of great British design.’

Sims Hilditch believes in the power of intelligently designed, characterful and beautiful interiors that radically improve the quality of its clients’ lives.

This year Sims Hilditch looks forward to coming together with London art gallery Philip Mould & Company to create a stand for the prestigious cross-collecting fair, Masterpiece London. The team also recently launched its first ever furniture collaboration – The Sims Hilditch Collection, which includes a sofa, armchair and ottoman, with British furniture maker George Smith.

Another first for them is beekeeping. The preservation of nature and natural materials is something the design team considers carefully when designing for clients and without bees, it says, much of this would be compromised. With this in mind, last year the design studio engaged the help of a local beekeeper to help install four beehives in its grounds and is currently working on a plan to plant a wildflower meadow to foster a food-rich environment for the bees. Everyone at Sims Hilditch is actively involved, which will not only be beneficial to the bees, but to the team too since beekeeping is known to be excellent for teambuilding and mindfulness.

‘The aim is to be an example of what is possible for a business to achieve in terms of taking accessible and tangible steps to create a pleasant work environment, as well as a small contribution to aiding the dwindling bee population in the UK,’ says Louise.

‘We live in an ever more connected world that brings increasing opportunities to work with like-minded brands – it is an exciting time for our business, and we look forward to new opportunities ahead.’