Handmade kitchens and furniture that have epitomised British craftsmanship for over 40 years

With a heritage deeply rooted in England, Smallbone was founded by a team of artisan designers who shared a passion for original design and fine craftsmanship. Together, they had an uncompromising vision: to change the way we live.

In the early days, Smallbone pioneered the concept of hand-painted cabinetry, trailblazing a new style of kitchen that placed this previously overlooked room at the heart of the home. It became an instant classic for its informal aesthetic and architectural beauty.

More than 40 years later, Smallbone is still at the forefront of bespoke interior design with inventive, expertly crafted designs that push the boundaries of what is possible within the home.

In a year when people’s focus was naturally drawn to the home, Smallbone brought out its new Icarus Collection: a daring tour de force of contemporary design with sweeping contours inspired by the parabolic curve of a bird’s wing. The floating, scalloped glass cabinets, crafted using a glass-shaping technique that dates back to Roman times, form a dramatic centrepiece, while the curved oak doors are enhanced with shimmering flecks of brushed gold. Each piece of wood is selected by Smallbone’s craftsmen for its uniformity of grain and intricacy of patterning, with rare exotic hardwoods bringing a luxurious richness.

Smallbone is still at the forefront of bespoke interior design with inventive, expertly crafted designs that push the boundaries of what is possible within the home

Icarus is being showcased at Smallbone’s brand new 15,000 sq ft concept showroom, a ground-breaking private retail experience whose opening in Knightsbridge in January 2021 was modified, but not delayed, by Covid-19. The multi-sensory concept is spread over four floors, placing an array of kitchens and whole-house solutions in design stories that showcase Smallbone’s bespoke creativity, magnificent craftsmanship and 21st century engineering.

It also demonstrates how Smallbone’s talent for personalisation can turn clients’ visions into interior reality. For Smallbone’s designers, no request is too unusual. From rare and exquisite Rosso Levanto marble, which makes the boldest of statements as a worktop, to bespoke drawers for Nespresso pods, ice buckets integrated into islands and even an internet shopping room, Smallbone is able to open up limitless possibilities for the home. Also partnering with Samsung for a revolutionary clothing care system, the AirDresser uses heat, air and steam to revitalise tired garments, and is right at home in a Smallbone dressing room.

Smallbone plans to host a succession of events, launches and one-off experiences in its new destination, enlivened by rotating displays of contemporary art and a bar serving coffee, wine, champagne and spirits.

Post Brexit, Smallbone does not foresee the brand’s vision – nor the way it is received locally and globally – being compromised or diverging from its current positioning. Its view has always been resolutely long-term. As a beacon of British design and craftsmanship, it will continue to handmake unique products in the heart of Wiltshire for a vast and loyal database of clients round the world.

Beyond this, Smallbone has an array of partners who elevate the whole-house offerings, and will further build traction and excitement for 2021 – keeping this time-honoured brand at the forefront of luxury artisan cabinetry for another 40 years, and beyond.