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Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors

Timber detectives and creators of fine wood floors for over 25 years

‘Everything we do starts with respecting and valuing the wood we work with.’ This is a philosophy that has remained consistent in the 26 years since Robert Walsh, founder and owner of Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors, first started restoring and selling wood floors recovered from 19th- century industrial buildings.


Respecting the wood and working with it to create trends means that the company is constantly bringing something new and exciting to floors, walls and ceilings. An extensive offering means clients can look to Ted Todd for new, engineered wood floors and Woodworks by Ted Todd for the finest in reclaimed, antique and handmade wood floors with a story to tell.


Says Robert, ‘Our designers and craftspeople are always looking for the best way to showcase each piece of wood they work with. The end results are breathtaking. We’ve perfected making floors that are “perfectly imperfect”: once fitted, they look like they have been in place for decades or centuries, even though we’re using new seasoned wood. Galion, a new English oak floor from Woodworks, is a prime example. It blends seamlessly into the background delivering an elegant, understated look.’

We recently sourced the wood for the restoration of a 1930s motor yacht, gaining us the nickname “The Timber Detectives” for our “no stones unturned” approach

Ted Todd

The company also offers a unique bespoke service, working with clients to source the right species, tone, construction and finish of new and antique wood. It goes beyond just selling a floor – customers are involved every step of the way, from sourcing and selecting the wood to ensuring it perfectly meets the requirements of their project.


‘We recently sourced all the wood for the restoration of a 1930s motor yacht, gaining us the nickname “The Timber Detectives” for our “no stones unturned” approach,’ says Robert. ‘The wood used included pitch pine from dock buildings in Liverpool that were once owned by a wood importer and old growth Burmese teak from India that was reclaimed from colonial-era buildings after a year-long search. We were working to the exacting requirements of the owner – the same approach we apply to all the floors we make.’


Ted Todd also partners with wood floor specialists around the country and works with leading interior designers and architects on residential, commercial, heritage and marine projects, both in Britain and internationally.

The brand’s biggest challenge this year is to get more people to understand that buying a good wood floor is an investment in the fabric of the building rather than part of the furniture. ‘You have to look beyond the surface of the wood to consider the raw materials, construction and finishing details that aren’t always visible. These are intrinsic considerations for us when making and restoring wood floors. We’re also excited about using more new native British wood as it has a distinctive look that works perfectly in period restoration projects,’ says Robert.

A good wood floor should be able to be restored or even reclaimed again in another 100 years’ time. ‘We’re determined to continue to deliver elegant, carefully considered floors that will last and don’t have a negative impact the environment,’ says Robert.

Ted Todd