A vibrant skincare spa brand with wellness at its core

Award-winning spa and skincare brand TEMPLESPA started 22 years ago. Today it is still operates from West Sussex, led by Mark and Liz Warom.

Wellness is TEMPLESPA’s heartland: a culture of time outdoors with loved ones, sharing experiences, nurturing luscious botanicals and abundant antioxidants alongside nourishing and hydrating ingredients. This winning formula inspires TEMPLESPA’s loyal customers who can discover the brand in spas, airlines, hotels, and through a network of over 4,000 independent lifestyle consultants. Harrods is the only department to stock TEMPLESPA exclusively and has its own treatment rooms.

‘We create skincare products and experiences that make a real difference to your skin and soul health,’ says Liz. ‘TEMPLESPA believes that your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy life and live it to the full.’ Not only is healthy skin a natural barrier and protective shell but the outer layer most visible to others – a barometer for self-esteem and confidence. TEMPLESPA wants you to look the best for the age that you are: healthy, energised, content to age well and feel the best version of yourself.

‘TEMPLESPA is inspired by its warmth, vibrancy and love of living life to the full’

Wellness is also vitally important to a busy working day. Wellness in The Workplace sessions to promote its own staff’s health proved so successful that they are now offered through its Spa to Go network, a great way for organisations to show care and concern. Since 2018 TEMPLESPA has supported mental health charity, Mind, raising a staggering £178,000 in 2021, via its bestselling Repose relaxing night cream.

TEMPLESPA makes 90 per cent of its products in the UK, representing the fusion of modern science with ancient expertise and practices, formulated by eminent doctors, herbalists, professors of biochemistry and dermatology in Switzerland, Italy and England. Advanced formulations combine botanically derived extracts, pure essential oils and science-led active complexes, giving noticeable, long-lasting results. Ingredients are chosen for their performance, results and overall benefits, while those with a low or zero environmental impact are favoured.

One example is In The Beginning, a ‘desert island product’ you can’t live without. A concentrated balm for that ‘just had a facial’ feeling, its buttery-crystalline texture melts as you massage, delivering rich vitamin E to your skin. Formulated with olive, calendula, basil, clary and lavender to ensure a nutritious, intense cleanse, it leaves skin glowing with vitality.

TEMPLESPA strongly believes that testing on animals is unacceptable, and the founding principle of cruelty-free skincare remains constant. Liz says, ‘We have never tested any ingredients or finished formulas on animals, nor hired others to do so. We applauded the 2013 ban.’

‘From our skincare products to the wellbeing experience of a TEMPLESPA facial or massage,’ she says with pride, ‘we live, breathe and love what we do.’