The Restory

The leading innovator in aftercare for luxury fashion

‘Our mission is to have you fall in love with your favourite pieces all over again.’ The Restory provides on-demand aftercare for luxury fashion across the globe. Marrying the art of craft with the power of technology, it brings aftercare into the 21st century and gives wardrobes a whole new lease of life.

The Restory redefines the relationships we have with our possessions. Their extensive repair techniques, exciting reimagining opportunities and thorough restoration skills mean that your favourite items can now grow with you. From that well-loved heirloom handbag and the suede boots you knew would get ruined in the rain to the bag that reminds you of being on holiday but is now badly scuffed, there is always a solution to the problem at The Restory. With an in-house team of artisans and a wide range of capabilities, it also allows consumers to invest mindfully in quality items, knowing that The Restory is always on hand to care for them.

From that well-loved heirloom handbag and the suede boots now badly scuffed, there is always a solution to the problem at The Restory

Clients book collections online or drop their items at partnered stores. When items arrive at The Restory’s London-based atelier, they are assessed by experts and quoted recommended services. Following approval, The Restory’s elite team of next-generation artisans begins the required work. When complete, the item is returned, beautifully packaged, to one of their partners or to a preferred address, locally or internationally.

With increased demand during lockdown from those clearing out their wardrobes, The Restory continued to provide its services with contactless deliveries and increased health and safety measures.

Having longstanding partnerships with Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, The Restory advances aftercare into the luxury canon. Indeed, the department store has now become a destination for your entire wardrobe journey, not just the start. The Restory’s vision continued to grow in 2020 as it launched a partnership with Harrods in October. Its display now resides in the Egyptian Hall at the heart of the store’s luxury accessories.

Last August Selfridges launched its Project Earth campaign aimed at changing the way we shop. Underpinning circular models and reducing waste, aftercare is integral to increasing the longevity of items to wear, sell or rent. As the official aftercare provider for Selfridges, The Restory’s in-store destination in the Accessories Hall told before and after stories of accessories that had been restored, repaired and reimagined to demonstrate its vast capabilities and to elevate customers’ perception of aftercare.

With increased importance on digital evolution, 2021 will see The Restory launch further partnerships with more of your favourite luxury platforms. Priding itself on its unparalleled innovation, it is excited to continue expanding its techniques and capabilities, as it continues to make waves as the world’s first luxury aftercare provider.