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Tricker’s has had an exciting year celebrating its 190th anniversary and opening a new store in the Aoyama district of Tokyo, modelled on its famous Jermyn Street headquarters. Japan was the natural choice for the new – and only other – store, as Tricker’s has been exporting to this market for over 30 years. The brand’s London headquarters enjoys a regular pilgrimage of Japanese customers fascinated with the history of both the store and the brand, which has a cult following in Japan.


Tricker’s commissioned a new sign from a British specialist for the Tokyo store, sourcing furniture and lighting from English antique shops. The rest of the store was built in Japan, inspired by Jermyn Street. The store opened to great acclaim and queues along the street, underlining the enduring international appeal of the brand and the ‘Made in Northampton’ stamp.


As is increasingly the case in overseas markets, Japanese consumers recognise Northampton’s shoemakers as the best in the world. In particular, they associate Tricker’s with the finest Goodyear Welted shoes, an exciting position from which the brand can continue to develop its overseas growth. The Japanese market currently represents a third of Tricker’s export business, closely followed by Italy and the US.

There are 250 individual processes in the making ofapairof Tricker’s country boots

Tricker's Sewing

Founded in 1829, Tricker’s is still owned by its founding family and remains wholeheartedly committed to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality. All Tricker’s footwear is made from start to finish at its Northampton factory and, while the manufacturing processes have changed over time, its craftsmen and women continue to follow traditional techniques.


With one foot firmly rooted in tradition, Tricker’s is keenly taking strides into the future. Whatever the shoe, Tricker’s has never deviated from the high standards laid down 190 years ago while quietly keeping in step with modern techniques and the latest innovations. Tricker’s continues to lead in the traceability and sustainability of the materials used to make Northampton shoes and boots.


The advances the brand has made with Olivvia leather – produced with a chrome-free tanning process using a natural extract from olive leaves – are extremely encouraging. It’s remarkable that something so beautiful can be made entirely using waste matter from the food industry.


The robust shoes, which were almost exclusively worn by farmers at the beginning of the 20thcentury, before being discovered by the landed gentry and townsfolk, represent premium craftsmanship and unquestionable quality. There are 250 individual processes in the making of a pair of Tricker’s country boots, each taking eight weeks to manufacture.


Training new shoemakers has always been at the core of Tricker’s history, so the brand has taken steps to secure its future by introducing more apprenticeships at its factory, with more to come over the next few years.


Today, with 75 per cent of its production earmarked for the export market, Tricker’s is a globally-recognised brand, available in 43 countries worldwide and represented in many of the finest international boutiques. The brand produces two seasonal collections a year, plus a lightweight collection.