On-demand jet charter by Victor – the better way to fly

For Victor, 2021 marks a milestone tenth anniversary for this award-winning British-born brand. The year celebrates a decade of innovation and resilience in private aviation. Above all, the organisation retains its focus on one clear-cut vision: delivering a better way to travel to a global audience of movers and shakers.

Launched by Clive Jackson in 2011, Victor is the world’s first net-zero on-demand jet charter marketplace, enabling flyers to search, compare and book private air travel quickly and with confidence. The company has rewritten the jet charter rulebook with a fully transparent, subscription-free, global marketplace, which allows members swift checks on pricing options and aircraft specifics before booking.

‘Service, choice, transparency and environmental action set Victor above the rest,’ according to one frequent flyer. Listening to customers inspires continuous innovation and improvements to these market differentiators, which have kept Victor in tune with changing consumer priorities.

Victor has welcomed new members who value the comfort, safety, and speed of charter to private islands, secluded villas and far- flung remote locations, to recharge, reset and reconnect

There’s no need to look too far back in Victor’s history to see the team’s agility in staying one step ahead; witness the ‘flygskam’ flight-shaming movement of 2019, shortly followed by the devastation of travel by the global pandemic. Spring 2020 saw an unprecedented 80 per cent drop in flights across all geographic regions. Global restrictions hugely impacted every travel company but sparked a pivotal response from Victor. The aviation fight-back against the pandemic began with the launch of Victor Rescue – a 24/7 emergency and mission- critical service which fulfilled repatriation flights, transportation of large workforces, medical evacuation, and government and state missions across the globe.

Victor predicts that this 2020 hiatus in leisure travel will now drive a conscious choice to travel better. ‘As we embrace a new year and consider the future of travel,’ says Clive Jackson, ‘one certainty is our sense of adventure – desire for new experiences and yearning for connection with the world about us.’ The company has welcomed new members who value the comfort, safety and speed of charter to private islands, secluded villas and far-flung remote locations, to recharge, reset and reconnect. The Victor app puts on-demand access to 7,000 aircraft and 40,000 destinations at their fingertips, while a trusted Victor travel advisor is on hand every step of the way to ensure a seamless experience and peace of mind when they travel.

It doesn’t stop there. Not only is Victor transforming the world of private air travel, but also the world itself. The privilege of travelling on your own terms brings with it responsibility to the planet. This requires collective industry and consumer responsibility, but Victor leads from the front. Every flight booked is 200 per cent carbon offset, paid by the company in its strategy to define a more environmentally responsible future for private aviation. The result? More than 45,000 tonnes of carbon offset in 2020, in partnership with Vertis and South Pole, which funds reforestation projects over four times the area of Manhattan for an entire year.

So, as you plan your 2021 destinations, ask Victor to help you travel responsibly, with purpose, and discover a better way to fly.