Escape your world in immersive sound and light, reinvented for today

Zuma is a British technology company that seeks to redefine the relationship we have with sound and lighting in our homes. Born out of ongoing frustration with existing Smart Home technologies – whether disjointed and cluttered ‘smart’ accessories, or time-consuming, complex and costly custom installations – three years of painstaking research, innovation and development have brought to life the vision of world-renowned designer and Zuma founder, Morten Warren.

‘The way we listened to music in our homes hasn’t changed in decades,’ Morten explains, ‘and for most of us, lights just turned on and off, or occasionally dimmed. Complex custom audio-visual solutions took up space, were expensive and convoluted to use, and most failed over time. As they move through life, humans are naturally enveloped by sound and light. But however speakers, soundbars and lights were arranged and combined, they never quite recreated this sense of full immersion where we most desired it: in our homes. Until now. At Zuma we are changing that.’

Morten’s 25-year pedigree in industrial design, working with leading global brands, has allowed him to assemble an expert team that combines technological innovation across audio, video, lighting and smart devices. From Zuma’s Shoreditch home in London’s East End heartland, his team set out to create a seamless integration of high-performance audio and tunable colour lighting, eliminating any need to have devices on display or unsightly cables to distract from the ambience. From this amalgam of design and technology comes the Zuma Lumisonic, a beautifully designed recessed downlight with an integrated speaker, enveloping you in sound and light experiences in any room.

Zuma re-imagines your home by creating a rich canopy of high fidelity audio, with circadian lighting to match, creating a completely immersive experience.

Zuma allows you to re-imagine your home by creating an audio canopy that is rich in detail, with lighting to match, completely immersing you in the experience – Morten likens it to ‘headphones for the room’. Listen for longer, with little room distortion or resonance fatigue. Enjoy your favourite music, concerts and movies as multiple Zuma devices fill the room with stunning sound. Listen to rain and feel like you’re in the eye of the storm. Bathe in brilliant lighting you can tune to suit your mood. Turn a bathroom into a spa; a home gym into a spin studio; a bedroom into a rainforest; a family room into a cinema or concert hall. The choice is yours.

Research has shown how influential an optimal combination of natural light and sound can be to mental and physical health, whatever our age. Zuma’s integrated Wellbeing mode can deliver the optimal atmosphere to suit any mood. Simply select a preset for a curated blend of light and sound experiences to enhance your daily life and routines – all with just one tap or voice command.

Morten and his team are excited to move into 2022, a year that will see the expansion of Zuma’s product range and international footprint. ‘Plus a wide range of new homes and developments that will be among the first to deploy Zuma,’ he says. ‘We wanted to offer people an alternative approach, simpler and, in our view, better. Zuma is a game-changer in the way we listen to music, watch films, or simply relax. Doing the Smart Home the right way.’