Closed: Win A Stunning Suitcase From Horizn Studios

Planning a holiday this year? You’re in luck: we’ve teamed up with German luggage brand Horizn Studios to offer you the chance to win one of their gorgeous suitcases. Read on for the details.

Woman in airport with hard-shell suitcase

Let’s Go. Further. That’s the idea that drives German luggage brand to come up with innovations that make travel easier and more comfortable. After all, being able to broaden your horizons can help make you a more informed citizen of the world.

Launched in 2015, Horizn Studios know what today’s traveler wants in their luggage, backpacks and accessories. Using their own travel experiences as inspiration, they take into account what would be most comfortable and design their luggage with the zippers and extra pockets placed just right for optimum practicality.

In 2016, the brand solved a problem that most travelers have grappled with: Where do you charge your phone? In your luggage, of course! Horizn Studios simply built a powerbank into their luggage to create the world’s first smart luggage. The charger is removable with one click and is cabin approved.

In addition to supporting emerging artists and helping displaced and disadvantaged youth with education opportunities, Horizn Studios focuses on sustainability. First, their luggage and travel accessories are built to last because the most eco-friendly product is the one you only have to buy once. Then they make extensive use of recyclable materials. All of the zippers and linings in their luggage are fully recycled and some lines exclusively feature reused fabrics. Their products are vegan and PETA approved and their production processes are nearly waste free.

Black and yellow hard-shell suitcases on staircase with bed of cacti beside them.

Horizn Studios’ new RE SERIES line is the most sustainable luggage drop of the year. Meticulously crafted from a 97% recycled premium polycarbonate hard shell – the first ever in a piece of luggage – it also boasts a 100% recycled interior, while its production journey reduces CO2 emissions by an impressive 72%.

In yet another innovation, Horizn Studios are working on Circle One, which will bring you luxury luggage that is more sustainable than ever before. The Circle One hard shell is made of BioX, a patented material made of flax fiber. Flax is a fast-growing plant that needs very little water and thrives without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. It also loves sucking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Flax fiber produces a hard shell that has the strength of aluminum but is lighter. It also lasts longer than polycarbonate. Circle One luggage will also feature fully recycled zippers and fabrics while the handles will be infused with seeds and nuts for the lowest possible carbon footprint.

As practical and sustainable as Horizn Studios luggage, backpacks and travel accessories are, they’re also very stylish. The minimalist designs feature sleek lines and come in a variety of colors that won’t fade.

What are you waiting for? Enter this incredible competition for your chance to win your very own piece of luggage from Horizn Studios.

Competition closes on 14 February 2024.

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