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Win Your Dream Home With Raffle House

By Guest Writer

6 months ago

Good news: we’ve teamed up with Raffle House to offer you the chance to win £2 million and buy your dream home. Read on for the details.

Modern home with wood panelled exterior and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Prize Philosophy

The team at Raffle House believes that dream homes are just as unique as you. Your dream home may be a countryside manor, or a sleek city penthouse. This might be a home close to your work, friends, and family. Or maybe a million miles away. Whatever it is, it’s your dream home, not someone else’s.

Wherever your dreams take you, Raffle House will help you buy your dream home, and you pocket the change. Or you can decide to take the whole prize value in cash, tax-free.

Having concluded ten fixed-location property competitions since 2018, Raffle House decided a change was needed. Their new Dream Draw competitions are the first of their kind, offering customers true freedom of choice to unlock their dreams. Your win. Your dream. Your choice.

How It Works

Head to the ticket selector on the Raffle House website and choose your bundle. Then, enter your email at checkout – they’ll create an account for you using this email, and you can activate it then if you choose.

Don’t delay – entering early has a huge benefit. Enter by 28 January and you could win the Early Bird prize: a £50k African Safari of a lifetime or £50k cash. If you enter before an Early Bird Prize concludes, every Dream Draw ticket you buy will also give you the chance to win the Early Bird Prize as well. Entry is secured simply by buying dream home tickets prior to midnight on January 28.

The best part? Every time you enter, you can choose to donate 10% of your ticket price to a charity close to your heart. As Raffle House says, it’s time to dream big and do good.

Once you’ve entered, you’ll receive an email from Raffle House with a ticket receipt, and you can view your tickets online also. (Or you can enter for free via the postal entry method.)

The Draw

Winners are contacted by email and phone by one of Raffle House’s brand representatives. They don’t want you to miss this life-changing moment, and so you have 21-days to respond – and they’ll keep trying you every day until they hear from you.

Raffle House’s Dream Draw competitions are fully overseen and managed by Civica, their third party draw-management partner.

The Closing Date

Enter by midnight on 25 February to win the £2 Million Dream Draw. Enter by midnight on 28 January to win the early bird prize: a safari of a lifetime worth £50,000. 

For more information, visit rafflehouse.com

White Raffle House logo with green and pink house graphic in the centre.