8 Inspiring British Climate Activists You Should Follow

By Guest Writer

2 years ago

Get a dose of eco-activism

Clover Hogan, climate activist and founder of Force of Nature, chooses the people making an impact. Here are our top 8 British climate activists to follow to inspire your eco-journey in 2023.

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8 British Eco-Activists You Should Follow In 2023

Aneesa Khan

Aneesa Khan

Aneesa, 25, tells stories of environmental injustice through graphic design. She is senior comms officer at Oil Change International, which works to kick the fossil fuel industry out of climate policymaking and to protect communities on the frontline. @aneesa.khan95

Anjali-Raman Middleton

Anjali, 18, is co-founder of Choked Up, the London-based campaign to highlight how deprived areas and communities of colour are affected by air pollution. A hundred medics signed its letter calling for action. @anjali_lrm

Daze Aghaji

Focusing on regenerative cultures, intersectionality, social justice and youth political engagement, Daze, 21, is creative director at Earthrise Studio, artist-in-residence at Phytology at the Bethnal Green nature reserve, and contributes to Sky TV’s climate show. @dazeaghaji

Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim

Climate and social justice activist Fatima, 27, is co-executive director of Green New Deal UK. The movement was launched in 2021 with the aim of disrupting political systems until politicians have to act. @fortuashla

Dr Mya-Rose Craig

Mya Rose

Mya-Rose, 20, began her birdwatching blog Birdgirl aged 11, and at 17 became the youngest person to see half the birds in the world. In 2021, she won Young Conservationist of the Year at the Birders’ Choice Awards. @birdgirluk

Ellen Miles

Ellen Miles climate activist

In 2020, Urban Greening Activist Ellen, 25, founded Nature is a Human Right, the campaign for the UN to recognise daily exposure to green space as a universal right. Her 2022 anthology, Nature is a Human Right, is a manifesto for the cause.

Noga Levy-Rapoport

Noga, 21, volunteers with the UK Student Climate Network and organises marches and events to demand urgent climate action. She’s been named as one of Forbes’s Top 100 UK environmentalists. @nogalevy_LR

Dominique Palmer

Dominique Palmer

Starting with the School Strike for Climate Change, Domi, 23, now organises with Fridays for Future International. She’s the launch coordinator for Climate Live and spoke at the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference. @domipalmer

Main image: Photo by Ma Ti on Unsplash