Buying London: Netflix’s Glitzy New Property Show Drops Today

By Martha Davies

1 month ago

Step inside London's most jaw-dropping homes

Love taking a peek into the world of luxury real estate? There’s always another property TV show to watch – but if you’ve had your fill of Selling Sunset and Dubai Bling, you’ll want to tune into Netflix’s brand new show, Buying London

Buying London: The UK’s Answer To Selling Sunset

Daniel Daggers in episode 1 of Buying London.

Image courtesy of Netflix

What Is Buying London About?

At the centre of Buying London is Daniel Daggers, the founder of luxury property agency DDRE Global (Daniel Daggers Real Estate). The show follows Daggers and his team as they set out to conquer the high-end property market, inviting viewers inside a whole host of jaw-dropping, million-pound properties. Think Selling Sunset-style glitz (and drama) against the backdrop of London’s most expensive areas

According to the show’s official synopsis, we can expect to ‘follow the group as they navigate the intricacies of their personal lives as well as striving to make their mark in the glamorous world of luxury real estate.’  It seems like there’s plenty to look forward to.

Who Is Daniel Daggers?

After entering the world of real estate in his teens, Daniel Daggers spent 12 years at Knight Frank. He even became a partner there, specialising in prime and super prime property the very top end of the residential market.

Daggers left Knight Frank in 2019 to strike out on his own, founding DDRE Global in 2020. Just like the estate-agents-turned-influencers you might know from Selling Sunset, Daggers’ sales strategy is rooted in a huge online presence: going by the nickname ‘Mr Super Prime’, he uses social media to showcase some of the ultra-luxe properties in the DDRE Global portfolio. 

Is There A Trailer?

Netflix has released an exclusive clip which you can watch below.

Release Date

All episodes of Buying London are now available to stream on Netflix.