Annabel Scholey & Colin Morgan Star In New Psychological Thriller, Dead And Buried

By Olivia Emily

3 weeks ago

Coming to the BBC this autumn

A new psychological drama is coming to the BBC this autumn, kicking off what is always the best season of TV. Led by Annabel Scholey and Colin Morgan, here’s everything we know so far about Dead and Buried, plus our first look at the stars in action.

Annabel Scholey as Cathy and Colin Morgan as Michael in upcoming BBC drama, Dead and Buried.

Annabel Scholey as Cathy and Colin Morgan as Michael in upcoming BBC drama, Dead and Buried. © BBC

Dead And Buried: Plot, Cast, Release Date & More

Written by Colin Bateman and commissioned by BBC Northern Ireland, this four-part thriller is set on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and was filmed in both earlier this year. We centre on Cathy (Annabel Scholey), a mother who – after bumping into her brother’s murderer Michael (Colin Morgan), now released from prison – forges a clandestine relationship with the man she despises, raising questions about obsession, dark fantasies, and revenge.

What Will Happen?

Cathy is outside a supermarket with her young son when she encounters an unwelcome face from her past: Michael, the man convicted of her brother’s brutal murder 20 years ago. Ignoring the advice of her best friend, Cathy finds Michael on social media and is dismayed to see the successful career and family life Michael has forged for himself after being released from prison, all while she was tormented with grief for her brother.

But Cathy doesn’t leave it there. Instead, she instigates a clandestine relationship with Michael, embarking on a campaign of harassment and deceit. As her obsession grows, Cathy engages in psychological warfare to destroy Michael’s life, and her dark revenge fantasies begin to blur with reality.

Who Stars?

  • Annabel Scholey as Cathy
  • Colin Morgan as Michael
  • Kerri Quinn as Sally
  • Waj Ali as Raymie
  • Owen Roe
  • Niamh Walsh
  • Micheal Hanna
  • Joanne Crawford

Release Date

Dead and Buried is slated to be released in autumn 2024. It’ll air on BBC One Northern Ireland, and head straight to iPlayer in the rest of the UK.