Earthsounds: Tom Hiddleston Narrates Ambitious New Nature Docuseries
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Earthsounds: Tom Hiddleston Narrates Ambitious New Nature Docuseries

Hear the planet like never before in this insightful new documentary

He’s known for starring in dramas like The Night Manager and Loki, but Tom Hiddleston has another string to his bow: narrating nature documentaries. He’s already the voice behind Apple TV+’s Earth At Night In Color, and now he’s narrating a new documentary series from the streaming platform, Earthsounds, which captures our planet in a unique and fascinating way. Here’s everything you need to know.

Everything You Need To Know About Apple TV+’s Earthsounds

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What Is Earthsounds About?

Apple TV+’s new docuseries has been in the works for a while. It was filmed across 1,000 days over three and a half years, spanning a total of 20 countries from all over the world. Earthsounds takes viewers on a journey across an array of habitats, from the Queensland rainforest to the Antarctic ice shelf to tropical coral reefs and more. 

Produced by Offspring Films and executive produced by Alex Williamson and Isla Robertson, the series uses cutting-edge technology to explore the planet in exciting new ways, with a focus on its sounds. It includes recordings of rarely heard recordings: snow leopards singing love songs, ostrich chicks chattering from inside their eggs, musical spiders and walrus’ underwater courtship calls. It’s not just the animals either – we also hear drinking trees, the hum of deserts and the buzz of the Northern Lights.

And, of course, the documentary is overlaid with the sound of Hiddleston. ‘I loved narrating Earthsounds,’ he said. ‘Offspring Films and Apple TV+ have created something totally unique. To see, and hear, the natural world in such extraordinary, intimate detail is utterly thrilling. It inspires wonder and awe.’

Earthsounds is the second collaboration between Apple TV+ and Offspring Films, following another nature documentary Earth At Night In Color, which came out in 2020.


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When Is Earthsounds Out?

Earthsounds will premiere all episodes globally on 23 February on Apple TV+.