Is This The Greenest Ferrari Yet?

By Jeremy Taylor

2 months ago

Inside the new Ferrari Purosangue

Carpets made from old fishing nets and recycled polyester headlining – is this the greenest Ferrari yet? asks Jeremy Taylor.

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Car Review: Ferrari Purosangue

In Brief: Ferrari Purosangue

  • PRICE: £313,120
  • ENGINE: 6,496cc V12
  • POWER: 725hp 0-62mph 3.3 seconds
  • TOP SPEED: 193mph
  • ECONOMY: 16.3mpg
  • STREAMING: Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones

Ferrari Purosangue


Ferrari has never been first on the grid for sustainability. In the past, the iconic brand only equipped hybrid supercars like the SF90 Stradale with battery power to generate more phenomenal speed, rather than boosting economy. Which is why the new, petrol-powered Purosangue is especially important. The brand’s first four-door, four-seater is guaranteed to attract a new segment of family buyers and also offers some genuine eco-friendly cred.

With the first, all-electric Ferrari not due until the end of 2025, the Purosangue proves Ferrari is intent on change. After all, this is a £313,000 car with recycled headlining, carpet made from reclaimed fishing nets and ecological Alcantara seat cloth.

It’s a small step but supports Ferrari’s decision last year to join the UN Global Compact – a voluntary initiative to support sustainability principles. Ferrari shies away from questions about future versions of the Purosangue featuring a battery pack – which suggests the Maranello factory is already on the case.

For now, the super-SUV features an unfashionable, V12 6.5-litre engine that competes with the Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus for a spot on Sadiq Khan’s naughty step. Averaging 12mpg around town isn’t a good look in 2024. At least the Purosangue’s modest 473-litre boot is genuinely useful for shopping trips. Access to the back seats is via rear-hinged doors that, when opened at the same time as the conventionally hinged front doors, gives an unhindered entry to all passengers. The doors are also electrically operated, which looks even cooler.



Ferrari becomes flustered when the Purosangue is branded an SUV but a four-door, four-seater with extra ground clearance fits the desciption perfectly. Perhaps it’s because the Purosangue doesn’t look like a conventional SUV that the label irks the marque so. I’d say the Purosangue is one of the best-looking, most entertaining SUVs a lot of money can buy. Ferrari engineers have ensured sure-footed handling thanks to a highly technical active suspension system, providing thrilling levels of grip.

However, the four-wheel drive system doesn’t lift the Ferrari high enough to cope with serious off-road work – buy a retro Mercedes G-Wagon for that – although a 30mm suspension lift system is an optional extra, which seems mean in a car this dear.

On longer journeys, the front bucket seats are multi-adjustable and supportive, with a choice of massage functions. Rear head and leg room are excellent, while trim levels are on a par with class-leading Bentley. Front seat passengers also benefit from an individual infotainment screen in front of them on the dashboard.

Purosangue may not be as practical as the rival Urus or a DBX but it does drive better than both, or any other SUV for that matter. Ferrari announced last year that the car was sold out until 2026, so buyers are already voting with their wallets.

Ferrari purists will hate the Purosangue because it’s not in keeping with the values of an historic brand. There is a tad less glamour than any other car bearing the prancing horse badge but the Purosangue still has the pace and feel of a true Ferrari.



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