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Sneak Peek: Inside the January 2020 Beauty & Wellbeing Issue

Welcome to the Beauty & Wellbeing Special January Issue of Country & Town House Magazine...

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Your January issue of Country & Town House magazine is hitting newsstands this week, and this month it’s the Beauty & Wellbeing issue featuring Gala Gordon, Jo Malone, Amber Le Bon and Jessica Ennis-Hill… 

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Inside the January Beauty & Wellbeing issue, you’ll find…

Gala Gordon: Our January cover star talks performance, poetry, New Year’s resolutions and supporting young talent with C&TH editor Lucy Cleland

Jo Malone is our January Rurbanist: The illustrious perfumer shares her ‘secret’ London destination, signature dish, and the best piece of advice she’s ever received, from none other than Oprah Winfrey

Conversations at Scarfes Bar: Science writer Dr Tim Spector on the power of microbes

‘Going for Gold’: Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill shares her top tips for getting fit in 2020

Plus: Three top chefs disclose the joy of eating this January, Sarah Stacey talks rural makeup, and your much-needed post-party season guide to the best natural mineral water spas…

Gala Gordon

Our contributors share their New year’s resolutions and secrets to wellbeing…

Michael Hayman

New Year’s resolution… To make the most of my 50th year.

The secret to wellbeing is… To walk everywhere, take the steps that you can.

Favourite grooming product you can’t live without… Horace – everyone should know about this Parisian cosmetics brand – it’s a one-stop shop for all things in male grooming.

If you could look like anyone else in the world who would it be? Me on my best day.


Mariella Tandy

New Year’s resolution… To become better at yoga and expand my cooking repertoire.

The secret to wellbeing is… Regular sessions with acupuncturist Ross Barr, long walks with my dogs and children, and pilates at Heartcore.

Favourite beauty product you can’t live without? The list is long but if I had to choose just two: Tata Harper’s roll on retinoic oil and Seed to Skin’s ‘The Cure’.

If you could look like anyone else in the world who would it be? My mother – she still stops traffic in her ’60s.

Gala Gordon

Eva Ramirez

New Year’s resolution… To live more sustainably – I’m hoping that’s on everyone’s list.

The secret to wellbeing is… Switching off and spending time with loved ones. It always brings me back into balance.

Favourite beauty product you can’t live without? Irene Forte’s rose face oil (before bed) and a good old body brush (upon waking).

If you could look like anyone else in the world who would it be? Probably Penélope Cruz. She’s beautiful, but always looks happy as well.


Sarah Stacey

New Year’s resolution… Oooh, several: start painting again; mind less about being untidy, which leads to irritating tidiness jags; spend more time gazing and daydreaming; and always more time with my horses.

The secret to wellbeing is… Harnessing a sense of humour.

Favourite beauty product you can’t live without? Concealer!

If you could look like anyone else in the world who would it be? Kristin Scott Thomas, because then I’d never have to fret about how I look in photographs.