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Its Global Scouse Day as We’re Sure You’re Well Aware

In honour of the day, a national poetry competition with Roger McGough has launched.

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In general, many a poet alcohol doth make, but in this search for the next generation of poets lead by Liverpool Gin, the qualifications are discerning. 

Today, 28 February is Global Scouse Day, which in recent years has come to signify more than Liverpool’s famous stew, but also music and the arts. Roger McGough, who has been honoured with a CBE for services to literature and the Freedom of the City of Liverpool, encourages poets to take pen to paper.

Its Global Scouse Day as We’re Sure You’re Well Aware
Roger McGough

Roger McGough calls to arms aspiring poets on Global Scouse Day….

‘We became European Capital of Culture in two thousand and eight
So let’s celebrate ten years by stepping up to the plate

And what’s on the plate? I’ll give you a clue,
While Scousers the world over tuck into our stew

They’re scoffing scouse in Sydney while surfing on Bondi Beach
In Rekjavik they like it thick, lots of vodka within reach

There’s tartan scouse in Inverness wi’ whisky, neeps and tatties
In Mumbai they add curry paste and make sarnies with chapatis

A million clicking chopsticks mix scouse with rice in China
Japanese guzzling sushi-scouse agree there’s nothing finer

In the middle east they love to feast on scouse (they like it blind)
With peaches, dates and aubergines, and lemons (including rind)

Spanish mums add saffron to make it nice and yeller
‘Ole’ they shout when they bring it out…’Come and get yer scouse paella!’

The best Italian restaurants serve scouse-filled ravioli
In Rome, His Holiness has blessed our dish and made it holy

In every greasy spoon, every gastronomic venue
Today’s a day to celebrate, for scouse is on the menu

So write your verses, send them in, ‘cos we’re all on a mission
To fly the flag for Poetry, in this brand new competition.’

Liverpool Gin is seeking original pieces of work from people 18 and over, no longer than 200 words long, to be submitted at Liverpool Gin by midnight on Monday 30 April 2018.  A shortlist of 50 poems will be selected by Liverpool Gin to be read by Roger McGough, who will pick three finalists and a winner.  The winner will be announced on Thursday 4 October 2018, which is National Poetry Day.

The finalists will receive a signed Roger McGough book of poetry and a bottle of Liverpool Gin. The winners will receive a prize at the Liverpool Gin distillery by Roger McGough himself during a cultural weekend in Liverpool.

‘We want as many people as possible to get involved in this poetry competition and hopefully my poem will encourage them to have a go.  There will be a lot of hidden talent out there and it’s fantastic to have this competition to bring it out into the open.  Don’t forget, there are many different styles of poetry so it would be very hard to get it wrong; just trust your instincts and let your creativity flow.’ – Roger McGough

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