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Join this Procession of 1000 Clay Human Hearts

A hands-on way to consider migration....

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Throughout February and March, all around North, South and Central London, hands on, hearts-open workshops will allow participants to consider migration and ‘who belongs?’.

Moving Hearts Workshops in London require no art experience and will culminate with the creation of 1000 clay human hearts.

Join this Procession of 1000 Clay Human Hearts
Moving Hearts Exhibition

On 24 March, a procession will carry the hearts from King’s College London to the Migration Museum at the Workshop in Lambeth. A ‘Moving Hearts Spiral’ is the final destination for the fired hearts, where guests can walk around and touch the hearts.

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‘Current debates about migration often focus on the divide between those with and those without a right to belong in the UK. It is easy to forget the hearts we have in common. Moving Hearts invites you to participate in an art and research project that raises questions about belonging.’ -Penny Ryan and Professor Anna Reading, project leaders

Moving Hearts Exhibition

Each heart, of course, will be unique, but Australian artist Penny Ryan will lead workshop participants through the six basic steps to crafting a heart out of clay. Moving Hearts builds on Penny’s Connecting Hearts Project, which allowed 1000s of people in Sydney to reflect on their connection with people seeking asylum, particularly those in detention. Moving Hearts links King’s College London with the Migration Museum at the Workshop and their current exhibition – No Turning Back, Seven Migration Moments That Changed Britain.

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Tickets for the free 2.5 hour workshops are bookable at EventBritewhere a full list of the workshop locations is also available.

Moving Hearts Exhibition

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