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Three Louis XIII decanters of cognac fetch half a million at auction

That's some pretty expensive cognac...

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The third and last decanter of the limited edition Louis XIII L’odyssée d’un Roi was auctioned on Wednesday in London, it fetched $235,000 which brought the total sale of the three to $558,000.

Louis XIII L'Odysee d'Un Roi

All profits of the sale from these Louis XIII Masterpieces designed by Hermes, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis will benefit The Film Foundation founded by Martin Scorsese.

“Louis XIII and The Film Foundation are both committed to preserving a cultural legacy, honoring the past while ensuring that films survive into the future. The work of the foundation has helped to restore over 700 films, from the 1880s onward, encompassing well over 100 years of this extraordinary art form. We are grateful for our partnership with Louis XIII, and its generous and continuous support for the foundation’s mission,” said Martin Scorsese.

“We chose to support The Film Foundation in honour of the expertise it takes to create a cultural masterpiece and maintain a savoir-faire over the ages,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of Louis XIII.

Each of the Louis XIII takes four generations of cellar masters over 100 years to create. It is a blend of more than 1,200 eaux-de-vie, all of at least a 40 year vintage.

The Louis XIII cognac is encased in a specially created trunks that help tell the story of its journey through time and luxury travel. For this special cognac, three of the most prestigious French luxury houses came collaborated to create three unique masterpieces. Inspired by the iconic Louis XIII journeys these object-d’art toured the world in Hermes boutiques, prestigious museums and cultural capitals over the course of a year. The final stop on the tour was a special auction a at Sotheby’s were the last decanter of the limited edition Louis XIII L’odyssée d’un Roi was auctioned on Wednesday in London for $235,000.

“Sotheby’s was delighted to help raise funds for The Film Foundation through this unique series of auctions, each in our major sales locations,” said Jamie Ritchie, Worldwide Head of Sotheby’s Wine.

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